Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wedding preparation ^^

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Tuesday, June 08, 2010
Today i was on Medical leave... badly headache and backache about a week ++!
Doctor said was tension & pressure headache! Allow me to rest one day!
Don't facing LCD for long time, after work do more exercise like YOGA to release stress & stay health.
I must accept what doctor advise.

Sweetheart and me starting to prepare our wedding day.
Last week we went to survey our wedding venue.
Cyberview Lodge Resort & Spa, Palace of Golden Horse & Hotel Equotorial Kuala Lumpur.
Palace of Golden Horse out of our consideration.
In our mind either Cyberview Lodge Resort or Hotel Equotorial (KL)
Both of us L.O.V.E Cyberview Lodge Resort & Spa but we gotta consider on food
The restaurant in Cyberview is Xing Zhu Restaurant we never dining there before really no idea how about the food tasted.
We decided go for food testing... have to wait sweetheart talk with parents....
Myself very like cyberview lodge resort as it's really beautiful place with garden (can held wedding ceremony in garden if we wanted), complimentary honeymoon suite (with the luxurious four-poster bed, the private balcony and the jacuzzi tub), complimentary SPA.
Hotel Equotorial the ballroom we feel that too small it couldn't be more than 30 tables , but Sweetheart's mom said food at Golden Phoenix Restaurant is good.
For me i got no idea as i never dining both place before.
Just waiting for their confirmation which one to choose.
Although i wish to have a romantic and perfect wedding in beautiful environment
Anyway, good food & tasted is primary.
As we hope all guest who attend will satisfied with food as well.
No point to spend much money only buy for environment.
So that my romantic and dream wedding have to put aside and consider other factor! hehe
If can't held wedding at Cyberview lodge resort we can schedule go there for leisure trip!
Anyhow waiting sweetheart to seek for parent's opinion and make decision la!
Cyberview Lodge Wedding ceremony at garden
Cyberview Lodge Ballroom
Cyberview Lodge SPA
Cyberview Lodge Honeymoon Suite!
Love it much, huge with jacuzzi tub...
Palace of golden horses
Hotel Equatorial Kuala Lumpur

After that we went to Lot 10 food court (Lot 10 Hu Tong)
Strawberry Longan - my favorite
Dim Sum - expensive
'Har Kau' - RM 6.80
'Siew Mai' - RM 6.80 really expensive

This one i don't know call what, tasted good
Fried oyster - sweetheart favorite ^^
Next time we must eat 'tai lok mee', we miss ....hehe
After eat walk walk time square and go home lu...
At night attended to cousin's full month buffet dinner and i-city


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