Sunday, May 29, 2011

Indoor Pre-wedding photo shoot ♥

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Now nearly 2 am + I'm still awake blogging here
I must be crazy.. @@
Waiting 2:30am , football final not i wanna to watch is him, im not football fan :D

Here just another short post for pre-wedding photo shoot
This is another wedding gown ... it's white with creamy color layer layer in this gown.
Myself like this gown, suppose choose it for actual day but sweethut say pick this for photo shooting another set for actual day.
Well, when put on this like fairy tale story look like a prince holding a

Nice indoor shooting compare with outdoor bali agree?! lol


Ciao go to watch tvb series drama after 1 episodes go to my dreamland .. !
Have a sweetdream ♥

Saturday, May 28, 2011

BBQ Plaza @ IOI Mall

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Saturday, May 28, 2011
Heavy rain here ... Zzzz
This morning woke up and head for interview at Pandah Indah - as customer service executive 
This company dealing UBS accounting software. It's just a small office
This is the 1st interview that i'm experience super fast end, within 5 min - interview end!!! 
Wasting time.. 1st ques what is your expected salary?!  Once i answered he nothing much to ans jor?!
Am i  expected too high.. May be yes... @@
Forget about it.. ! 
I'm believe my capability can get a better offer! Gambateh

Past few day i think it on Monday i taken my lunch at BBQ Plaza @ 101 Mall 
BBQ Plaza is self cooking Mongolian & Japanese style barbeque restaurant, initially i told is Korea style. :P 
There have few set you may pick it, we pick supreme set
The Barbecue sauce 
- mix it together with the cut chili, garlic and squeeze the Lime 


Erm.. nice.. but not hot enough! 

They provided tip 'How to cook' instruction guide to you all. :)

Beef, Lamb, pork, Bacon, Chicken,etcc....

Yum yum yummy
Go with a gang is better deal, chit chatting while eating!
Cheers ^^
Ciao.. Take a nap tonight got to attend wedding dinner!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Indoor Pre-wedding photo shoot ♥

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Friday, May 27, 2011
Yo.. Friday ... Movie tonight
Do you believe i online chating from 12pm till now?! Blink* ha ha... 
My life...
Here for short post, this is my indoor pre-wedding shoot with simple white wedding gown
Starting i thought this hair do and make up look not so nice, but the outcome which is look different. 
Look gorgeous :D
Could you feel the sweet spot in below photo?! haha
This one single portrait printed as my jie mui photo, "see how many ppl will pick this?" Quote by Sweethut
The result is leave 3 pcs out of 12 pcs mean this post is nice one!
Can you see his 'lum' look
This few post really nice one! 
Love it much
The handsome one =)

Below photo was taken in indoor open space small garden 

Stay Tuned for more..
(If you are interested, otherwise you may skip my recently post :P)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kindori ice cream & Mr PIE Man

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Wednesday, May 25, 2011
All about married photo in my blog i think that quite bored right?!
Why not change a new topics?!
New life staying in KL!
Everything is considered new for me!
Cher.. I'm not 1st time at KL i know but a lot restaurant, food, shop is  new for me!
Last weekend suppose we plan to back Ipoh but we're no because left dad alone at home. Mommy and sis travel to Italy!  Lol..
So what to do in weekend?!
Let's me recall back Saturday where we go?! ...errr...oh ya went to Subang.. and go to eat indian rojak! and at night dinner somewhere nearby cheras. At night gathering with friend in house and drink some wine.
Next day we have prawn noodles as our breakfast, after that nothing to do. Sweethut craving to have his favourite pie. He ask me to choose either 1 U or Sunway, i want the nearest one, he say is Sunway. So we head to Sunway Pyramid but couldn't get the stall Mr Pie Man .. ask around the stall closed jor!
Argghhh.. he so disappointed.
Nvm finally he still get it. As he insist to go Plaza Damas
We walk and saw this ice cream Kindori from Japan?!
I guess yes, sorry i so outdated.
You may choose the frozen fruits and blended with a fresh milk and become a natural ice cream tastes good !
Not like the creamy ice cream, not so sweet, i like it !
Kindori Ice Cream @ Sunway Pyramid
All kind of favourite 
You may choose what you like it. Yummy

Blended with fresh milk become this ice cream,
Her pose let's me recall i do same pose when I'm in Taiwan!
Make ice-cream by your own, i will upload later about Taiwan trip!

Mr Pie Man @ Plaza Damas -  Hartamas Shopping 
Beef his favorite...
That all about my last weekend.
-Simple and love-

♥♥♥Bali Pre-wedding photo shoot♥♥♥

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Wednesday, May 25, 2011
Here to continue post our pre-wedding photo
Outdoor - Bali
Date: Last year  28-30 Sept'10 
3 days 2 night - 1st & Last day activities was free and easy
2nd day full day photo shooting from day to night! 
As on previous post i did mention what is the bad experience i have but fun! 
Bad experience all about the bridal shop arrangement 
Of course we still enjoy the day of shooting
So far we still acceptable the photographer shooting skills, but bridal house service...  BXX
The photo shooting outcome as below:- 

Still got a lot of pose without touch up, as we did bought all softcopy from bridal shop
Here to share all the pose printed in our album, it's just a part in BALI with 2 wedding gown (Day & Night) + Casual wear at night time  photo shooting! 

1st stop at one of the Museum in Bali (I don't know the name)
Single portrait - This is the one i  like it much! 
Some of my friend asking why the people didn't remove it
We did request bridal shop to do that, they say cant make it! Weird! 
Well, is tourist place hard to control people walk here and there.

The small one , not really like it but just choose! 
In fact we more prefer the indoor shooting result, since we choose to go Bali, of course we can't miss to choose more pose in Bali!

 2nd stop Rice Terrace Tegallalang
At here really need to climb up and down , and walk in to padi field ... so HOT!

3rd stop at Tanah Lot

This is the most beautiful scenery
Blue blue sky and blue blue sea with my wedding gown! 
That day really a sunny day! 
Do you notice both of us eye... ?!
Nice scenery but small eye..

The very small one is both of us .. Really both of us, not tipu one
Some of my friend asking is it after photoshop.. :S
Lovely sunset! This is romantic one.!

U jump i jump! 
But i didn't jump but the pose it's look like i jumping! 
I love this beautiful shoot! 

Last stop : Kuta street
Enjoyed our dinner somewhere nearby Kuta Beach and continue shooting with casual wear in front of Kuta street.
In front of Hard Rock.. =) 
Nice one.. simple and nice!

This is the good expensive on wedding photo shooting + traveling! 
Put on wedding gown and walk around that's feel good, just like a prince holding a Cinderella :D (pai sei) 
Full of love, happiness & fun!
That might be not a good location like maldives beach, and there have some argument with bridal shop but this is the best trip for me!

God Blesss

Our Memories - Trailer


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