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~~♥♥Taiwan Touch Your Heart - Day 4 ♥♥~~

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Today is last day of June, mean that is my last day of Honeymoon and gonna be end soon after today. Tomorrow i gotta start work lo... ALL THE BEST!!!

Seem like i un-manage to post up all about taiwan before i start work.. i got to upload slowly

To be continue day 4
National Center for Traditional Arts - RuiFang Station - Jiu Fen - Windsor B&B Homestay (温莎堡民宿) - Keelung Night Market

Hardly to wake up in this lovely morning with the comfort bed with the romantic environment!
Well we still we force to wake up about 10am
We have light breakfast in Rothenburg Lodge and then we clean and dress up ready to continue our next destination to Jiu Fen, before we left Yilan country we drop by to  National Center for Traditional Arts

The center major to promote historical arts, folk arts, theater, and there have a temple... It's located on the bank of Dongshan River.
For more info link to:-

Breakfast in Rothenburg Lodge

Sweethut taking his Vitamin "C"

Snap a few shot before we left this wonderful place...


National Center for Traditional Arts

Historical arts exhibition
Folk Art Boulevard

yum, yum sweet!

Yilan famous - called Yilan Biscuit
Had our lunch
such a big portion , can't finish too wasted
Kim chi soup noodles

Nearly 1pm we leave and took cab to Loudong railway station and transit to Ruifang station. Take about 45min - 1 hrs to reach Ruifang Station, once we reached Ruifang staion we took bus to Jiu Fen, the bus staion it's just opposite  of Ruifang station. Take about 15min to reach Jiu Fen 

Delicious desserts in Jiu Fen- Must eat thing:
- Sweet Taro Balls (yam, sweet potato balls)
- Ice-cream wrap with peanut
- Vegetarian meat ball with red vinasse
- Salty Cake
- Hakka Green Cake
- Purple Potato
We taste Sweet Taro Balls & Ice Cream wrap with peanut only...

Windsor B&B Homestay (温莎堡民宿) - For more info
Our room really such a 'GOOD' room! Such like haunted room, we really can't sleep well at all 
Our room is 古香套房 , i think we got wrong choice.. :P 
We suppose choose the room with night view.. due to fully booked, we got to no choose!

At night time Jiufen old street all shop at 5-6pm, very quiet at night time
No doubt the view of the mountain was perfect
We hop on to bus at 5:30pm head to Keelung Night Market, take about 1 hrs to reach there! *Wing*
Ermm is right choice, at least we spend our time to walk in Night Market rather stay in room  :P  

Loudong Railway station 

On the way to Ruidang - can see the nice scenery
Here we are - The charming mountain city of Jiu Feng 

Day view
Jiu Fen Old Street

Ice Crea wrap with peanut - yummy delicious

Sweet Taro Ball

Take a break and take a cup of tea.. and you can enjoy the view of mountain

happiness piggy

Have our dinner at Keelung Night market

Mee Sua - not tasty
Special one small pot noodles

Night View of Jiufen - The most spectacular mountain with charming night view

Is time to back to room...
Windsor B&B Homestay (温莎堡民宿)

Uneasy feeling for whole night.. 
Phew ...
next day we woke up early at 8am. Pack and go to breakfast and check out... @@

Will continue of day 5 
Stay Tuned 
Is time for me to prepare dinner.. =)


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