Thursday, January 12, 2012

Outing @ JB

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Thursday, January 12, 2012
Our day at JB erm.. considered Day 3..
1/1/2012 woke up around 12pm and we have take 'Ben chen wan tan mee' as our brunch. After that is dessert time @ U-Desserts! In the menu have variety of dessert you may choose!
Really tasty and yummy delicious .. especially durina pancake..

It really enjoyed our own sweet time to eat and chating there .. after that we went to Johor premium outlet (JPO) do some shopping.
People told me there have a lot flies.. but luckily when we were there is no more!

A bit disappointed with Coach and Burberry, there have not much nice design i desired! Anyway already knew that there selling those pass session stock only, price not really cheap is about 25-40% discount. Didn't grab anything i like!
Baby GAP is so cheap, little baby is our priority, we shop and choose item more for little girl girl .. =)
Sweethut just bought a shoe and me same!

After 4 hrs shop we went for our steamboat dinner!
HO HO steamboat have a branch at JB also! wow...
It's a simple day!

U-Desserts @ JB
Durian Pancake - Yummy!!!

Stewed papaya with milk - For me, so healthly right ?! haha

Durian and Pomelo in Sago Sweet - For sweethut - so tasty also !
But he not allow me to take so much durian due to body heaty!

Double milk with ice cream
Eugene & Jeff

M3 with my swollen eye
Happy and Enjoying

Lovely husband and wife =D
Jeff = cHai Li

Lovely Eugene & Clarin  
Johor Premium Outlet (JPO)

Clarin  + cHai li
 Lacoste 40-50% discount - so cheap
Queue up to Coach
Burbeery & Coach this 2 outlets have to Queue

Obviously my belly is so big ! It like going to give birth! But only in pregnancy week24
Sweethut always comfort me said that you not fat just more room for our baby growing when she in my womb and stay comfort! @@
Well i believe after delivery will slim down! :D
 Everyone is tired and hungry !
Go for dinner ..

Outing of the day!


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