Monday, May 14, 2012

Belle 6 day old - 27.04.12

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Monday, May 14, 2012
 Up to date our daughter Isabelle Low already in 23 day old. But i just post about her 6 day old! 
I will summaries and shorten the post. 

Below just short post about her for a day on he 6 day old. 
Belle 6 day old she still crying when she bathed

When she open her eye totally can't see her double eyelids.
I feel so sleepy already please don't busy to capture photo ...
Wanna to cry already...!
So lau kai and like ppl pamper her in this way... :) 
Ready to sleep
When she feel sleepy, double eyelids appear and can see clearly.
Love to see her with her blue look... especially when she sleepy. 
But can not cry one ar...! 

Sometime you can see her cry, sometime you can see her smile
When she cry really do not know what she wanted and you can get mad, but when you see her smile it sweet to max! 
Baby crying is normal, this is the only way she interact with us! 
Be a new parents like me really is hard time now, have to study what she want and observe and do the best to make her feel comfortable!
I'm learning to be a mum ...! I need support too! 
Now i know not that easy job to take care a children.
My mom help me a lot, thank you so much and love u!


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