Monday, April 21, 2014

Isabelle's Turn 2!

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Monday, April 21, 2014

Time flies, this little girl is 2 years old!
Today is her 2nd birthday! 

Daddy & Mommy wish you have a blessed birthday! 
Blessed you grow healthy and stay happily.
I love to see you laugh ,smile, cry, shout ,screaming, jump, run... ! Your noisy voice cheers up my life! Although sometime i feel so annoying when you throw tantrum, still i learn to be more patient with you. 
You no longer baby, is toddler.. still you in my eye always is my small baby! I will take care of you, protect you  and pamper you all the time!   

I like to hear you call me "Mommy" & "Mommy pao pao", even now you call me 'ma'... =.=" so 'liong'! 
My heart melt when you kiss me and said 'I love you'! 
I feel speechless when you ask me ' Mommy what u doing'? , When i holding my phone you say ' Mommy, ng mai phone'! =.="  

I love you so much my little princess! 
Happy birthday 2nd Birthday! 

Note: The name on the cake spell wrong!!! 
Is Isabelle instead of Isabella! 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Gold Coast Morib

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Our short vacation to Gold Coast Morib Resort (2D1N) .. hehe
Really super crowded
The environment is good it's just the management very poor! 
When we arrived there we Q to check in and get the entrance fee, yet to collect the room key. At 3pm you have to Q again to get your room key! O.O ... 
After check in to our room the housekeeping yet completely clean the room yet even no towel! =.=" 

Well back to our moment at Gold Coast Morib Resort, after we check in to our room , we changed and head to water park! Girl is can't wait jump in to the water... hehe.. 

She happy and enjoyed! 

After water park return to our room , continue play water in Jaccuzi bathtub... @ @ 

The package which included buffet dinner, after dinner we leisure walk around the resort. There have remote car for kids to play! During that time girl still dont know to play yet.. she don't like the car move... :) (19 months toddlers)  

Overall the package is really worth it! 
We did really enjoyed and have a leisure weekend! 

Get ready to go - she want pump float
When we on the way

Enjoyed the scenery
with her sweet smile! 
Like mother like daughter

Happy family 

She wave her hand say hi.. 

Boss on the phone

OMG...So rude

Our lunch ... while waiting to collect room key! 

she can't wait jump in to the water..hehe

After long... finally got room key.. 
here we were the beautiful jacuzzi bathtub :P

Yea... we really to go water park

ai fall down . . 
Is dinner time

Really OMG... act like boyboy 

After dinner let her have car ride 

She tell mommy 'par par'
Playing in room

Next day - Good Morning 

My lovely dirty cat .. 

Let's her play in bathtub ...after that we head home lu..! 

At night Toy r us... bought this expensive water for her..! 
Now she don't want anymore! =.=" 

That all for our leisure short gateway! :)  

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