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The Land of Smiles @ Phuket - Day 1

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Yeppi... Woke up at 5am, shower, packed then move to air port.
Ride Tune hotel provided shuttle bus at RM 1 to LCCT airport1st we check in then went to old town kopitiam have breakfast. Quite expensive eating here!
Flight at 7:25am arrived at Thailand Phuket at 7:50am (Thai)
Heavy rain :( strong wind, big wave, thunderstorm..
Take Taxi to all seasons hotel at Nai Harn beach 650bath about 50km! 1 hours drive.
All the way raining, shit! I did online check weather forecast at phuket 4 days thunderstorm and rain!
Once i got this news my mood really down!
4 days mean we can't enjoy at this paradise island! but luckily ...
1st day we spent half day at hotel didn't go any place due to thunderstorm and strong wind
Just walk around in hotel and sleep. haha
Around 5pm we ride Tuk Tuk taxi to Patong, costly! 400 bath one way!! @@
They so smart and well in business, keep saying far away, actually it just about 19km!
No choice we have to take their service.
Arrived at Patong we visit to travel agent bought fantasea package.
Fantasea located at Kamala Beach
Normal price at 1500bath per pax + 150transfer per pax! We tried bargain price
Finally we got offer at 1350 bath + free transfer! Good show and worth it.
Do not miss who plan to go phuket.
After show about 10:30pm, return to Hotel at 11:30pm
Time to bed liao..

Photo show as below.. a lot
Start from airport to phuket till the end of night. ^.^

Dad & Mum

Breakfast at old town

Must wear surgical mask! Avoid H1N1 influence


Heavy rain

Welcome to Phuket!

SawadekaHotel service . golf trolley send us to our room Strong wind and big wave!
Strong wind
^_^ on the way to our room
crossing a park
Outside of our hotel room
Welcome to our room 30King size bed! very comfortablebathroom clean but there are no bathtub!
It got one big glass transparent can see thru our bedroom
TV Should upgrade to LCD .. haha
See our room so nice.. We reserve for standard room only leh
All Seasons Hotel at Nai Harn Beach
Big, Clean,Comfortable - 99.9% satisfied
Service not bad
But a bit far from patong town!
Cant enjoy nightlife there
Still raining can't do anything and no place to go..
Just stay at hotel, camera time..self portrait
Both of us
Your purpose come to phuket is take pic in hotel ?
haha.. Yes we are Again...Both of us
again .. me
ok la.. Let see the item provided
shampoo , shower cap, sanitary bag...etc
Drinking water - Free
Snack Nice and satisfied stay in this hotel
Let go to dad room
So Happy when he saw us!
Welcome. .!
Me & dad
Planing where we go later
Go for lunch near our hotel .
Still rain and wind strong
No choice have to eat here..
Strong wind cant continue to walk. It can broken the umbrella
Normal meal.
After lunch, rain stop..
Went to beach see big wave..
Strong wind
Big wave
Dare to jump to swim..!? hehe.. strong wind. my hair like siao pao
Strong Wind .. hehe
See behind big wave
Sky look like dark ... and rain soon
Dad, mum & me .. my eye cant open
Enjoy and nice.. viewing the sea feel relax...
Very strong wind..
I believe i can fly. .
No place can go, Dad & mum went back to room and rest
Chai Ping & me go to take pic around in hotel
beautiful decorate
Health Spa - Quite expensive
Just take a photo in front of this signboard hehe
See the coconut tree ..
very strong wind
Swimming pool @ hotel
Big and got a bar tender
can play water net ball

See this cute cute baby she can play in pool side few hours
We walk back to room rest, shower, and then go out still saw her playing in pool side.
She dare just direct jump in water and swim. very active
Ready to go out ..
To Patong beach and plan to Phuket Fantasea
Mum so 'ken cheog' faster jump in car dont take pic liao
start to move lo.. haha on the way to patong
about 19km..
We ride Tuk Tuk taxi cost at 400bath
cHaI PinG
-cHaI Li -
Pass by Kata town.. karon. Patong Patong beach . . after rain look dirty
but still got ppl playing here
Banana Pancake
30bath, taste ok only
May be i don't like banana hehe
'kui teow' soup - 30bath only
add more chili taste good , i like it!
Chcken rice - 30bath
taste good
Street hawker
We saw got a lot of ppl buy , so we just buy 2 bowl 1st
Taste good,
buy 2 more.
dad & mum ate chicken rice
cHai PinG & me ate 'kui teow' soup
Look so pity sit near road side eat.. haha
A lot of tuk tuk in front of us
We already bought a ticket to Phuket Fantsea at tour agency at Patong
7pm will pick us up.
Arrived! -Phuket Fantasea - So Nice
Look like Macau venetian ..hehe
Main Entrance
Dad & me
4 of us
Mum , dad , cHai PinG & me
Welcome to Phuket Fantasea
Security check 1st
Scared you bring boom in
Joker :- Welcome
Yeah . ^_^
My dad so cool.. no smile !
Are you tired?
Elephant show
Don't pretend ar. . who call you woh!

Tiger jungle adventure
Let's go see - White Tiger
When on the way to tiger jungle can see a lot nice thing
Light will auto turn .
Turn to again...
Met a beautiful girl..
Angle or butterfly?
I think is butterfly ..
see below
Decorate with butterfly background


Finally - Tiger Kingdom
This guy will scare you when you entre to Tiger kingdom..
I scared because in front of us that 3 girl sound '' wahhhhhhhhhhh!" when this guy jump out

White tiger - 2 only
Thank you!
Tiger skin made
REAL or ..??
Yeah.. ^_*

Recycle , X recycle
Cute elephant with us
ME with Elephant
Similan Entertainment centerOctopus


Show start at 9pm, all guest entre to the hall.


Phuket Fantasea end
After show we driver send us back to Patong and then we take cab back to hotel at 400bath
BBQ Corn .. sweet and good taste - 20bath
Arrived at Hotel..
Nice ~~ Flower
Take few picture 1st before walk back to room with night mode. Night mode nice, even dark place can become nice picture but can't move it doesn't have antishock!

Bar - Closed
YEAH.. our hotel nice ?
Take a pic at pool side with night mode.

To be continue

City tour at phuke for next day



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