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Casts:- Shawn Yue, Chapman To, Elanne Kong, Ada Choi, Ella Koon, Convoy Chan, Paul Wong, Kung Jun

Shawn Yue - I like watch the show he acting
very 'yeng' arr...

She look like Gillian Chung
It only my self comment. hehe
I like to watch the show E.U also she called 'yao yao'
My favourite actor
Leng lui & Leng Cai.. yoyo

Synopsis: The notorious Eastern district of Hong Kong is ruled by five triad gangs lead by Jimmy (Calvin Poon), Café (Paul Wong), Jupiter (Conroy Chan), Sa Chi (Jun Kung) and Man Sing (Anson Leung).
Seemingly, everything remains calm until Jimmy is shot and falls into a coma. Jimmy's wife, Wah (Ada Choi) is determined to take the lead and sends Po (Shawn Yue) to take down the culprit.
Bloodshed sprawls over the Eastern districtand the police are looking for the right opportunity to strike. The battle between justice and darkness is about to begin.
Ending not bad, can't imagine the story ending

Rating: ****


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