Thursday, April 1, 2010

2nd quarter of year 2010

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Thursday, April 01, 2010
Now already is 2nd quarter of year 2010
What is new target, plan & commitment.
Review what i did last few month and try to do it better and better in this new quarter.
Set a new target, new commitment, to break a new record.
Never give up , keep in mind you are the best.
Do your best.
Work smart.. no tension
Its just using affirmations to reset my mind I can do it!
New good start..

Hahaha.. Happy April fool. Have people fool you around?
I'm no but sweetheart kena.. hehe
Chai PIng Calling Jeff..
Chai PIng: Jeff , do you know where my sis go? She not back home yet (8:30pm)
Jeff: er... dont knw woh, not back home yet
Chai Ping: Don't know ar.. she don't know go where , her hp cant get thru also, then nvm la..bye

Chai Li switch off HP
Jeff Calling Chai Li (Cant get thru)

2 sec switch on HP receive a miss call msg..
Jeff calling Chai Li (2nd time calling)
Jeff: Why your hp cant get thru
Chai Ping: hahaha.. today is April Fool.. do you remember last year u fool me say my sis quarrel with you then she took bus back ipoh.. haha..
Jeff: ok ok.. careful next year ar.. , i call to office look for chai li and want call 999 liao

Happy April Fool!
* So 'kan cheong'


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