Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Eugene & Clarin's Wedding

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Tuesday, May 11, 2010
Last Saturday 8/5/2010 was Eugene & Clarin's Big Day
Wedding ceremony & Dinner held at Hotel Equatorial Malacca
Friday after work head to KL. KL - Malacca arrived at Malacca already mid night 1am
Once arrived have to help tied up bridal flower ... till 3am something
Sleep about 2hrs + till 7am gotta woke up dress up and 'ban leng leng'..
I'm be Clarin's bridesmaid & Jeff be Eugene's Best man
8:30pm head to Muar
Bridal Car WTD 993
Arrived at Clarin's house
All Jie Mui already locked the door
Game start...
erm.... yummy
ang pao 10000 rupiah
Let's go drink - all bro ask for more..hehe
After tea ceremony we return to Hotel Equatorial they have Tea ceremony in Hotel
Bridal suite @ Hotel Equatorial Malacca

Bro + Jie Mui
Evening session have church wedding ceremony at ballroom
Flower girl walk in front of me , i follow behind of flower girl
1st time attended church ceremony wedding
Really excited and meaningful
This is what i wish to have in my wedding too..but is held in garden
haha but we not Christian
Pretty bride with me
Handsome vs Pretty

Ceremony Started

Pastor Kenneth
For those we married must remember 3A:
Everyday tell your wife 'I love you' to let her know you still love her
Everyday hug each other
Everyday spend 10 min to chat (face to face chat)
Speech of pastor significant & meaningful
Exchange of Vow

After ceremony proceed to wedding dinner
Dinner start ..


Yummm Senggg........

Tired + Happy
After dinner we head back to Kl
Congratulation Eugene & Clarin
Happy Wedding & Stay Happiness


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