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Day 2 at lovely island ♥

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Continue to our day 2 at Krabi.
Recently i feel so lazy to blog...
What to do at Krabi...? Besides Island hopping i can't think what can we do there.
Now is low session, so not crowded!
10/9/10 - 2nd day in Krabi is Hari Raya.
Our itinerary of the day was ride long-tail boat to Rai Ley Beach. It take about 20min from Ao Nang beach to Rai Ley beach with Long-tail boat.
100 bath per pax (one way), at least 8 ppls per boat.
If less than 8 ppls have to wait ... @@
Unless you willing to pay extra 800 bath take it as private boat

Woke up and had our breakfast and we ride long tail boat head to Rai Ley beach.
We spend half day at Rai Ley Beach.
Nothing in Rai Ley ... sunbathing,,massage in beach side,,eat,, ride kayak ..

After Rai Ley we head back to Hotel and swimming
Not I'm swim , sweetheart swim , i don't know how to swim..

At night we went to massage again...
That really nothing much can do in Ao Nang

oh no.. my eye..
swollen eye...
Pool side
Restaurant to have our breakfast
Our breakfast

Passion fruit drink
Heart shape watermelon!
Sweetheart swollen eye...
My favorite Tomato
Let's jom to Rai Ley beach

on boat
Rai Ley - Here we are
There have few resort & hotel
We find a good place under tree put on the mat lay down to viewing the nice scene and enjoying wind blow to us ^^
Look at sweetheart how relaxing

Massage - i wont do this again.
After play in beach , sands all stick on my body after that take a massage that not enjoying a all.. aryakkkk
Singha beer
Sexy girl..but not me is the photo an above!

Fatty Girl

nice... !
Going back to Ao Nang

Only 2 of us need to wait for 6 ppls to join in one boat
Ice cream - Raspberry + Strawberry
Finally .. after wait for 1/2 hrs + can back to Ao Nang beach

After shower we went to tailor shop collect shirt & Pants

There have few seafood restaurant just located in front of beach.
You can enjoy the view of sunset and enjoying your dinner.
We do survey which one is the best..normally we will go to the full house one.
Now still early it not open yet. Business hours start at 6pm
But we was hunger and looking for other restaurant.
We will come back tomorrow

Italian Restaurant Pizzeria
We ordered pizza & soup

while waiting .. snap a few photo..

yo... let's eat..

Num.. num...numm

hello kitty scooter - cute
Walk walk walk..
walk along the street to see what we can buy ..
but not much thing

Ao Nang Villa Resort
Lobby at Ao Nang Villa
I like this cute cute..

Go Massage again..
After massage back to hotel..

photo shooting


After Sun stress.. apply a mask.. but i didn't do that

Tom Yam cup noodle.. my favorite.
I ate this before at Bali.. ! I found it here..

Time to sleep..
Next day have to wake up early going to 4 island
To be continue..

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