Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Posted by -cHaI Li- at Tuesday, March 22, 2011
Fuyoo.. I'm have tender my resignation letter
I'm going to leave very soon, my heart feel ;(  when i submit the letter.No matter how i working with this organization more than 4  years.... definitely feel sad to leave soon
Anyway i wish the organization ALL THE BEST! All the best for myself too
I will be jobless after 25th of April ... @@

One week before marry no need to work i think there should have plenty of time for me to prepare my wedding! I can relax, no tension and happy happy waiting to be a pretty bride! wow.. so nice, nervous & excited! 

My office got vacancy, anyone interested be customer service executive please contact me. hehe
In the mean time, I'm hunting for job at KL any recommended?!
For past 2 weekend, we just shop for wedding stuff...went to IKEA for room deco, betrothal's stuff , etc.. 
40days to go... 

Oh yea.. i got this new spec..the old one spoils more than a year. Now onwards i will try to wear it everyday try to avoid headache. I don't like wear spec.. contact lens not suit me, feel uncomfortable and my eye sensitive ;(  

Look funny..?! hehe

This coming Sunday we going to Singapore Universal Studio! 
This time is real one.. confirm to go... 


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