Friday, April 8, 2011

Universal Studios Singapore - Part 1

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Friday, April 08, 2011
Are you ready?! Let's continue our pleasant trip 
Yea, it's day 2 - enter to Universal Studios!
Go go go... !
Oh no.. so excited! It's Monday how come so crowed! 
Long Q wei... ;(

all of us ... ^^

Photograph with Kung fu panda also long Q! 
So we just skip.. !

1st stop Madagascar - closed..! skipped

1st ride - Roller Coaster
Q about 20min - less than 2 min ride.. :S 
It's feel nothing! :P

Oh ya in universal Studios you can purchase ticket universal express..
you have right to serve you 1st , no Q

Shrek 4-D Adventure 
You can see it , hear it and FEEL it! 
FUN! I like it..  suang dao! 
If you sat beside me, you can hear me screaming like crazy! :)

The Lost World - Jurassic Park

We've skipped this Canopy Flyer - Q up to 20 mins
Amber Rock Climb - skipped

Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure - Skipped! 
Wait 45 min...@@ 
Regret to the ride - It's river raft ride - Must be FUN!

Ancient pyramids

Proceed to the next ride The Mummy
 Indoor high speed roller coaster
Total darkness , fireball, the roller coaster will sudden reverse! *High!
Sweethut dare to play with us! hehe

Let's go to the next !!! 

Do you believe it or not 
I'm dare to ride this! 
Only Sis and me ride! 
There have 2 color and 2 type
Battlestar Galactica: Human (RED)
Battlestar Galarctica: Cylon (BLUE)

1st ride  Human (RED) color 
Excitement , high to max... crazy screaming
Like falling down from 14 floor! Wow..
2nd ride will be continue after lunch BLUE
Who can challenge this! 
  (It 's turn you upside down) 


Welcome to Hollywood...

erm... so nice...

Stop by here to have our lunch! 
KT's Grill Steakhouse
Luxury & cozy...
Feel like we were dining in NEW YORK!
I WISH will be there one day.. :) I mean fly to NEW YORK!!
well.. please don't dreaming here let's back to topic

Only eat bread! Oh no.. i forgot to snap photo for our main course!
We were in the restaurant about 2 hrs + enjoyed our lunch and chating..
After that we continue the fun in universal studios! 
Stay tune for part 2


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