Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kindori ice cream & Mr PIE Man

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Wednesday, May 25, 2011
All about married photo in my blog i think that quite bored right?!
Why not change a new topics?!
New life staying in KL!
Everything is considered new for me!
Cher.. I'm not 1st time at KL i know but a lot restaurant, food, shop is  new for me!
Last weekend suppose we plan to back Ipoh but we're no because left dad alone at home. Mommy and sis travel to Italy!  Lol..
So what to do in weekend?!
Let's me recall back Saturday where we go?! ...errr...oh ya went to Subang.. and go to eat indian rojak! and at night dinner somewhere nearby cheras. At night gathering with friend in house and drink some wine.
Next day we have prawn noodles as our breakfast, after that nothing to do. Sweethut craving to have his favourite pie. He ask me to choose either 1 U or Sunway, i want the nearest one, he say is Sunway. So we head to Sunway Pyramid but couldn't get the stall Mr Pie Man .. ask around the stall closed jor!
Argghhh.. he so disappointed.
Nvm finally he still get it. As he insist to go Plaza Damas
We walk and saw this ice cream Kindori from Japan?!
I guess yes, sorry i so outdated.
You may choose the frozen fruits and blended with a fresh milk and become a natural ice cream tastes good !
Not like the creamy ice cream, not so sweet, i like it !
Kindori Ice Cream @ Sunway Pyramid
All kind of favourite 
You may choose what you like it. Yummy

Blended with fresh milk become this ice cream,
Her pose let's me recall i do same pose when I'm in Taiwan!
Make ice-cream by your own, i will upload later about Taiwan trip!

Mr Pie Man @ Plaza Damas -  Hartamas Shopping 
Beef his favorite...
That all about my last weekend.
-Simple and love-


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