Thursday, October 6, 2011


Posted by -cHaI Li- at Thursday, October 06, 2011
Promised to upload my blog, but still skip few day..  
Just for you..
I so proud to have you beside me ... have been long time we never chat till we fall asleep. Most of time i will fell asleep 1st while we watching drama. Yesterday night you came back was so late and wake me up i can't sleep and we chit chat, chit chat.. you so talkative non-stop chat with me.. and share with me you feel so happy today.. and talk about your childhood memories :)  till 3am + i tell you i don't wan chit you already i wanna to my dreamland but you still continue.. Zzz i really like this feeling.  

Continue to MBUJI Cafe
I think last 2 weeks ago, we have tea time at this MBUJI CAFE.
As usual every Saturday you got to work day, but me no work.. so i just wait you come back and we head out.. We went to Tropicana City Mall.. i'm looking for my auntie ann's but don't have! Finally we choose this MBUJI CAFE ... The famous is coffee, but coffee not suit him and me. 
We just choose below :-

Yummy Quesadillas
Jumbo Jane
Toast bread with kaya
Honey dew with Jelly


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