Saturday, November 26, 2011

I love my little one

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Saturday, November 26, 2011
How do you feel if you knew your are pregnant?
Happy , excited, worries...etc
me = Happy & excited

What your partner 1st expression when knew his wife are pregnant ?!
Him = JUMP , jump and say:- YES, i want be daddy
After married and now our life move to next stage to build up our family with kids 

  I'm sincerely to thanks god give us this precious one. Thank Jesus!

When my period came late i just take it normal and i never think i get pregnant, because i got feel stomach pain like period coming soon! but after 2 weeks + no so we decided go to Watson to buy a pregnancy test! 
When I want to start to do urine tests my heart beating quite fast! Of cause i hope the result is positive! 
When i put the pregnancy test in urine husband & I looking at it! And he say YES coz show 2 pink line, but i still doubt on it say the line not so clear! May be no leh! I can see he feel so happy! 
"JUMP , jump and say:- YES, i want be daddy"
After few day i decided go to company clinic to check again.. same to do urine pregnancy test the result is positive that is 6 weeks! Doctor advise after 12 weeks can go to do my 1st antenatal checkup...
I can't week till weeks 12 and i keep ask sweethut bring me to do check up i wanted to make sure our baby in healthy so week 8 we do 1st antenatal check up in Pantai hospital =)

Vitamin provided by company clinic included of :- Calcium , Folio Acid and Obimin

1st  antenatal check up Week 8 -100911

  1st ultrasound scanning - 

I saw baby is so small
My 1st time to hear baby heart beating my heart melted and follow by my tears going to drop off
I do not know how to express the feeling but is feel so great and touching! 
I love my baby!

After a month we have 2nd time check up during week 12 at 081011 
The doc very rush and we go in just do ultrasound scan within 5 min get out from the room
I totally no confident with this doc anymore we decided to change! 

Baby start to move and turn to different position.. 
The best part i like is do ultrasound scan, i can see you and i know  you are fine staying in my womb! 
Following by 3rd & 4th check up we've change another doc recommended by Jeff's cousin sis at Pantai Hospital also.
To be continue week by week till weeks 40 


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