Friday, March 9, 2012

Blessed birthday

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Friday, March 09, 2012
Happy Birthday to mama to be! ♥
Pregnancy week 33, before a day of my birthday we went to check up, total weight gain is 0.5kg, baby gain weight 0.5kg now is 2.3kg, mama no gain weight for this 2 weeks. Oh no, my body become weak!? Anyway the important is baby growing and healthy.

4/3/2012 is my birthday. Sweethut said: Baby Happy birthday to you, you grow old 1 year but nvm we will grow old together =) I love my wife :)
So sweet =P

We woke up early about 9am, sweethut said let's go clean up and we go for Pancake breakfasat :) I still lazy lazy don't feel like wake up... hehe
We went to mid valley Paddington House had pancake. Yummy!  

After breakfast we walk around in garden and about lunch hours we went home and MIL have cooked "Mee sue" soup with prawn & abalone and 'red' eggs

Unbelieveable is after lunch both of us is continue sleeping till 4pm + before a day both of us sleep so early jor! Piggy...
4pm+ we woke up go to Leisure mall walk walk hehe

At night we go out dinner with family at Castell PJ... My birthday just simple as usual!

Special thanks to my lovely husband!
Sweethut bought me a bag for my birthday's present =)
Althought you not the kind who very romantic and don't have any surprise for me but i know you always wanna give me the best one, pamper me and little one even unborn already spoils her!  =)
♥I love you ♥

Husband and wife ♥
and our precious little baby in week 34

Is this color nice or 'leong'?!
Just worries not easy to match clothing =)
but i like it!

Thanks Parents in law red packet!
Daddy bought a CD so every morning while i'm driving play for little one to listen.
When playing music i can feel she swimming there.. so cute.. when feel her movement the feeling really so nice! 
When he feel baby movement also feel so excited =) and he told me 'i feel so excited baby come out soon'
but for me excited + nervous =D
Pamper myself to get a eyeliner =)
Thanks all friends wishes via FB!
Simple, sweet and blessing birthday to me


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