Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pregnancy Week 39 & 40

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Wednesday, April 18, 2012

During the Week 39 i have started to on leave 9/12/2012
Awaiting for our precious baby arrival!
 Everyday woke up, nothing to do, just play games, watching TVB show and wait husband come back go lunch with me. At night sweethut went out with me walking around at Giant, Jusco or Mid Valley...
Wait , wait and wait, a week over yet baby not to come out and is time to check up during Saturday 14/04/12. Baby weight gain at 3.5kg, Mommy weight still maintain at 68kg since pregnancy week 35, I really Giant and gain about 20kg during pregnancy. 
During weekend and have a dinner with family. 
From the date 14/4/12 have checked up and still have another 3 days to due, if nothing happened in between this 3 days ,18/4/12 have to go to see doc again for checkup! 

Oh Jesus, it's nothing happened after due date 17/4/2012 (Week 40 over)
Today just went to checkup, doc ask when did you decided to admit hospital?!
Overdue max to a week mean within date 24th have to delivery baby.
I've decided to wait till next Monday admit to hospital induce labor. 
Hopefully everything it's smooth and baby healthy.

Dear little one, 
Daddy and Mommy awaiting your arrival, our precious child we can't wait to see you! 
Sayang you, Pamper you, hold you and everything is ready for you! 
See below photo, daddy have assemble the baby cot for you, mommy have prepared everything for you, Grandma have bought you those gadget for you milk bottle sterilizer , pacifier, clothing etc. Aunty Celine and Chai Ping have bought you Mickey and Minnie dolls from HK, and Aunty Nicola have bought you many princess clothes and dresses  from HK. You can have a fashion show!
And Daddy bought you another Princess playpen for you so you can sleep at downstairs during day time.
Our precious baby,Daddy and Mommy love you so much since day 1 we got the good news conceive you! When the 1st time pregnancy check up both of us heard your heartbeat my heart melt and tears going to drop. Everyday drink milk without fail. Eat all the good food let you have more nutrition to grow up in healthy. Every month can't wait to go for check up, we can see you and get close with you during ultra sound scan. See you grow up month by month, and Mommy belly pop up bigger and bigger i know you are growing!
Now is the time we will meet you soon, be a good one, we all love you baby. ♡。◕‿◕。♡
God blessed
With loved - Dad & Mom -

Pregnancy Week 38

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Wednesday, April 18, 2012
During Pregnancy week 38, as usual went to check up 7/4/2012
Baby weight grow up at 3.1kg
9/4/2012 onwards will start on leave

After check up we went to ICB just near our house to have lunch and sweethut have drinking session with his cousin bro Steve Low... Me only cant see but cant drink! 
At night we went to PJ SS2 The Lobsterman have our dinner... together with MIL and sweethut

The Lobsterman Restaurant 
We ordered set dinner for 2 pax and upgrade the lobster to 800gm
Set dinner come with soup, 1/2 dozen of Baked Mussel or Escargot (but Escargot out of stock, we got no choose to get Mussel), Seafood rice or paste (we take seafood rice), Dessert and Tea or Coffee 
Since we have 3 person we ordered one set of mixed grill.  

During Sunday, just went out walk.
That all for my weekend!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pregnancy Week 37

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Thursday, April 12, 2012
During Pregnancy Week 37, in Saturday morning as usual went for Pantai Hospital check up at 31/3/2012. Baby Weight still maintain at 2.8kg only , no gain weight again!
After check up we were attend to antenatal class (FOC).
The class is from 2pm-5pm, the content of the class talking about breastfeeding, process of labour, childcare, nutrition of pregnancy.
Both of us cover 2 topics and left at 3:30pm during break... :D
We just interested on Breastfeeding and process of labour, after this two topics we left and went to leisure mall have our lunch at Old town...
At night we have our dinner at Mei Kheng Fatt located at Ampang..
We've big CRAB about 2.4kg per pcs! The most tasty and my favourite is the winter melon with seafood soup!
Yummy delicious! 

Lunch at Oldtown.. Cendol - sweet and tasty!

Mee Java
My favorite
Ready for dinner
:P Big head and Fatty Boom @ pregnancy Week 37!
Mei Keng Fatt
Tasty Winter melon seafood soup


Why so big one! How to slim down after give birth

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

100 c Steamboat, Teppanyaki & BBQ Restaurant

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Tuesday, April 03, 2012

During last last weekend 24/3, Saturday we went to check up again.
Avoid to take MC on Monday so I try to make appointment early..
Just 5 days ago went to check up, and Doc scan and measure baby and mummy no gain weight. Still in 2.8kg.... @@

After check up sweethut went back to office and after 1pm he came home and we went to have our lunch at Kuchi Lama at 100 C Steamboat.

Food not bad and quite tatsy. Sweethut ordered Golden porridge soup for me and tom yam soup for himself. I wanted TOM YAM Soup!!! arghhh.. 'You Cant eat too hot and spicy'!
Still i can share with him the tom Yam soup.. hehe

There are about 10 soup for your option

Tom Yam Soup
Golden Porridge Soup - so tasty
all kind of chili sauce
Busy cooking

Long Gan Ribena Smoothie - Thumb up
Coconut for him :)
Busy eating.. my ugly face round and face! :D
Order too much and eat too much! Full and satisfied !

Monday, April 2, 2012


Posted by -cHaI Li- at Monday, April 02, 2012
Earlier post i did mention i was onleave at 19/3. Besides Check up, sweethut and I went to have our brunch at Win Soon Fish Head Noodles located at Kuchi Lama and we had dinner at Barlicious Restaurant.
Barlicious restaurant located at Solaris dutamas, started we tried to call for booking but cant get thru, and we walk in about lunch hour no open! We contact Groupon and get alternative contact no finally we manage to make booking before due date!
I think this restaurant operate recently, not so crowd. May be that day is Monday.
Food not that bad , taste still acceptable.
Avoid to carry my bulky camera so just using bring along digital camera to caputure photo it a bit blur... :P
Win Soon Fish head noodles - soup so yummy!
No fish for him only prawn.. =)

Mushroom soup
Ice Lemon Tea
Main course - Steak
You may choose Steak, lamb chop, or chicken chop....
Ice cream as Dessert
My love one

After dinner walk around and go out and rest..

Our Memories - Trailer


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