Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Merdeka Day ...

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Wednesday, September 05, 2012
 31.08.2012 Merdeka Day is on Friday we have long weekend!
Little one is follow popo back to Ipoh.
Everyone sayang her before we start our journey!

I got to miss her and see her after 2 weeks

I do really enjoy every single moment together with her... even we just stay at home only.

Starting 1st and 2nd month after baby born, i do really depressed and do not know how to cope it when she crying and i will follow her to cry! But now i wont fear and i will do my best to comfort her and be patience to her when she lau kai. I give all my love to her..haha

Her smile brighten up my day! Every morning when she woke up and look at me give me BIG smile! When she at Ipoh everyday i really miss her like crazy, so i will play back the video and see her laughing.

How good if my family is stay in KL.
I hope the day will be soon and we have a house for my parent to stay.
Anyway also have to check if they willing move down to KL, if yes is the best. I just don't like the feel when i left Ipoh... my tears .....

When she in the car try to hiding, she like to play peek a boooo.. 'oh chiak'
She happiiii..
After milk milk .. become dirty miao miao
Sleeping beauty - ** is her original eye lash... already long long but i move a wrong step.. i trim her eyelash!!! Till now not grow back to original lash. Am sorry girl.. i pray hard it back to normal soon!
When she woke up.. so happii and play and smile

Red tomato when she feel hot...


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