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♡。◕‿◕。♡ Romantic Korea Trip 22-23.10.12 Day 1 & 2

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After 1 year + this is our 1st oversea trip (after pregnant + give birth). My neck like giraffe ... to wait for this trip! I love travel!!! I wish to bring along my girl travel along but .. not for this trip...

Take about 7hours flight to reach.. suffering to ride on flight from 11pm - 6am +
We have our super early breakfast at 4am+ in flight ... @@
We follow tour agency for this trip, we meet our tour guide in Incheon Airport, weather there is 16-19 degree celsius!And it can go to 3 degreee celcious when we in outskirt ... If no wind still ok but if windy really super cool!
Overall this trip not so good, too rush as we follow tour and it was raining when we in theme park!!! Sadness

Our itinerary for Day 1 is Ice Gallery - Dongdaemun Mall (Doota) - lunch (Ginsend soup) - Local flight transit to Jeju Island - Yongdu-am (Dragon Head Rock) - Dinner - Hotel

Incheon Airport

 1st stop Ice Gallery, we visited here to see the ice sculpture, ice art its made by South Korean Contruction. And we made Ice cup.. is new experience for ice cup making + cold weather in 19 degree celcious! wow.. like it!

Start with one cube of ice , wear glove to start to make you ice cup!

In progress...

Finally done... pour in orange juice and enjoy it

Left: - Giant one is mine..Right:- cute one is done by Hubby

Ready walk in to Ice Gallery

Whole body like swollen wear this!
Negative degree celsius

Korean student .. just love the school attire

After Ice Gallery, we went to shopping at Dongdaemum Market
1st day shopping - shop those stuff for my little girl only!

We have our Ginseng Chicken as our lunch

After lunch we proceed to airport transit to Jeju Island

Welcome to beautiful Jeju Island.
Jeju Island is a volcanic island, stone all is black color..


Youngduam Rock- , a rock with a shape of a dragon

You can order Grill Sotong

Enjoy pork sausage

Sunset seaview

Hotel Lobby - We stay 2 night in Ocean Suites Jeju Hotel

We have kim chi soup with fish as our dinner

After dinner walk to mini casino .. . The bear in main door of casino..super big bear
Our room..
Twin bed :( have to DIY

We have a good night sleep in this hotel!
The best hotel in this trip...!


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