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♡。◕‿◕。♡ Romantic Korea Trip 24.10.12 Day 3 - Part 1

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Super outdated post
Korea trip day 3, we were in Jeju island.
Itinerary of the day : - Jeju Orange farm -> Seongsan Sunrise Peak -> Seojikoji ->  Seongeup ->  3D Trick Museum ->  Glass Castle Mystery Road ->  + personnel add in ( Fun Fun) - so interesting!!!

I will split in 2-3 post of day 3 due to too many photo to share! :D

For Part 1 - Jeju Orange farm -> Seongsan Sunrise Peak -> Seojikoji
Just let the photo to elaborate

Breakfast - If you stay at Korea for a month i guess will lose weight very fast!
Their food is so healthy , according tour guide 1 bottle of oil take a year to finish... WOW!

Banchan - (must have for every meal!)

On the way saw this painting along the road.. no special meaning according to tour guide

The Sky is so blue!
This small horse is so cute! short and fat just like me!

Jeju Famouse Orange chocolate
Continue our journery to Seongsan Sunrise Peak 

Live seafood! Are you dare to eat?!
They love to eat live abalone, octopus... aikssss
Here we were - Seongsan Sunrise Peak 

Take about 45min walk up to peak...! betahan!!!

Seojikoji where is Korean famous drama "All in" Shooting area, with beautiful seaview!
I didn't watch this drama.. so don't know how romantic is!!! :D
The view really nice and the sky so blue.. !

After Seojikoji we proceed to lunch , after lunch continue visit to Seongeup Folk Village...
To be continue in part 2...
Stay tuned :)


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