Thursday, April 4, 2013

1st Day of Lunar CNY - 10.2.13

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Thursday, April 04, 2013

1st day of CNY! Our 1st CNY spent together with our cute one!
Earlier morning morning woke up, help girl bathed and dress her up and dress up myself
Sweethut go down and prepare tea ceremony
This is 2nd year we practice, take tea for PIL as show respect and best wish to them!

Of course cant miss out our family potrait before we head to Ipoh road (old house) have a gathering with relative!

Spent whole day there and following by our dinner at Bangsar!
The girl play with kids seem like so happy!
Let's see how she friend with the cousin as she want to grab ppl's gadget! Really so cute, touch ppl face, push him....@@

That all for our Nian Chor Yat!

Lau Kai 1st before she slept! She so tired but still wanna to play , cry about 5 min finally she fell asleep!

Gong Xi, Gong Xi!!!
She knew how to do it!


 Simple day with love!
Take care of the little one not easy job, huh.. but still both daddy and mommy did enjoyed it and try to find a better way to take care of her... as her age she will cry her attention! Need try many way to clam her down! hehe


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