Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Valentine Day @ Penang

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Good morning Valentine's day!
We were at Penang, enjoyed our breakfast at Deluxcious heritage hotel !

If happy everyday is Valentine's day! I do agree with this but still i need to heard or get something special from you ! :D

It's so happy that Valentine's day together with all my love one! Parents, hubby,girl, bro , sissy! Really have a great time!

After breakfast we intend go to Penang Street Art.. but failed!
Hard to find parking and need to walk as different part of it ... and carry my girl.. so we didn't go!

We went to ate Ah leng char koay teow... after that we went to Queenbay Mall!
After that we head back to ipoh , on the way we drop by bukit tambun seafood!
tantrum baby?!

She like stick with po po ...
Gong gong , po po and girl.. start to show her cheeky

No mood to smile.. Mommy, i so tired don't always take me as your model! :D

So happy and tried to grab apple!

hehe.. my cute girl!
Wish you stay happy & grow healthy all the way!

Ba ba, Ma ma & baby! =)

Had breakfast in the garden
Daddy's girl

My sis
She scare geli.. and keep laughing

The restaurant in the hotel

The background is so nice ...
Going to check out...
Happy Valentine's day and happy birthday to you!

waiting char koay teow


Tomato face again.. its so hot!

Queensbay Mall

Bukit Tambun seafood

After dinner head back to Ipoh...
Happy short trip together with all my love one!


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