Friday, July 12, 2013

Mickey & Minnie Mouse's Birthday Theme

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Friday, July 12, 2013
My little girl big day it was over about 3 months!
This is the post about her birthday party ! 
Mommy selected the Disney theme as her birthday party! Main role is Mickey and Minnie! I dress her up as minnie mouse! Hand made all the deco preparation! I started to prepare 2 month ahead for her birthday deco! Many ppl ask me why don't you go and buy! Errr.. i just feel that hand made & DIY will have more love! Everything done from my heart for her ! Wow... I just do it for her :D blekkk! 

I selected Minnie mouse birthday cake for her! Errm.. you might not like it , next year mommy let you choose yourself ! hehe

Well When she turn to 1 , she still little baby , during that day she fear and cry ! oh noooo... starting still ok but when she saw someone she not familiar keep talk to her she betahan and cry loud! 

Cut cake session still cry woh! I can see she so lost and scare! Sorry baby , you might feel not secure due to a lot stranger! 

Anyway, i would like to thansk everyone who attend and gave her blessed wishes !
Really thanks so much for those who attend her birthday party and thanks so much for gift! 
She do really love her gift when unwrap her present! 

Best wish for you girl! Have a blessed birthday and stay health all the way! 
Daddy & Mommy love you! Muaks muaks muaks!

Ohh no.. Love you baby! 

Finally she smile & laugh! 

Children play time! 

All birthday gift for her! 

Have a sweet day! 
Thanks all friend & relative attend to girl's birthday party! 


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