Thursday, May 15, 2014

My honey bun

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Thursday, May 15, 2014
Time flies, my little girl was 2 years old! 
She learning to talk, she like to play, she like to laugh , she very cheecky...
She bringten my everyday! 
I love to see her smile! She will make me mad too when she turn to monster! 
She really is a talkative girl!
When Daddy & Mommy in conversation, she put her smile on her face and ask Daddy , Mommy What you all talking about?! 1st time i really shock, why she will ask such question she just 2 years old girl! 
Even when Mommy in conversation with friend and laugh .. she asked: Mommy why you all laughing! 
Everyday when i went home she saw me : Mommy hug hug! and she use her hand hug my neck and say  Mommieeeeeee.. she drag the word of mommie.. I LOVE YOU ! 
I love the feel so much! So warm and touch and melt my heart! 
I love you too Qiqi! 
Of course she did the same to Daddy when Daddy come home! If Daddy late she will ask me , Mommy, Where is Daddy! Working ar!  =) Cute right! 
Every night i can see she like sleep in same bed with Daddy Mommy.. she in the middle and she like Daddy & Mommy kiss her face, one left one right ! Afterward she use her left & right hand hold on Daddy's & Mommy's neck , push our head go closer to her face!  or She push Daddy & Mommy head coz she want to see we kissess! After that we want to do the same! =.=" and after do kiss her she keep smilling ! she will roll roll on the bed and slept! 
And she be more independent nowadays... Althought we unhappy when i go out to work but still she accept it! 
She just lau kai say dont want me go work , after explain to her she ok
It's bittersweet realise my baby's growing up but also cause for celebration! 
Just feel wanted pause the clock if possible! 
Like the moment now , she ' ji ji jar jar" talking with me and say i love you mommy! 
Jump here and there.. ! 
I love you my little baby! 
God blessed you. Stay healthy always 
See how manja she is! Lol... Daddy happy lo! 


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