Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Take it as a lesson

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Wednesday, February 25, 2009
Put More effort in my work. . .
Today boss is coming to Perak office. We have a short meeting at 6:15pm-7:30pm. What mean is T/M account? Its stand for targeted & managed. My own understanding are targeted account is a the new prospect which is we target and plan to build friendship and try to get sales and project. Managed account mean is existing customer we try to manage to get in more sales , build solid friendship with them, know the organisation very well and who is the decision maker for any purchase.
As according my boss I'm not fully understand on the meaning, my understanding is half only. Actually Managed account not mean that only for existing customer. Managed account it can be existing or targeted account. Form our existing account we can find and target those potential customer who always support us take in to managed account to manage to get in sales. Targeted customer which mean we target it become our new customer. For those company we targeted we starting to build the relationship with them, try to propose our product and do email marketing and etc. Target to bring the company in as our new customer.
Actually i can understand what my boss talking about. May be in the meeting hardly for me to present to him i really understand what is the meaning. Anyway i take it as a lesson. Tomorrow i have to come out 100 targeted and managed account. Actually is no problem for me, this few day what I'm doing in office is keying the prospect database, in my mind already got certain targeted account.
As a Account Manager must go to see customer, approach and propose the suitable product and solution to customer. I must do it!
I would like to join in more training session, so that i can get more knowledge. So easy for me to talk with customer when customer asking me i able to propose and explain on the product to them.
I never think i want to resign right now, I never give up on this job. I'm prefer my job.
Although sometime feel i have lost direction, but when i bang the wall i can learn a new thing. I put my effort and try my best to do well in my job. So i won't easy to give up because I'm not get the thing i wanted.
Kam bah teh.. Still got long way on my journey, don't easy to upset and giving up.
Is time to rest. ZZzzz.....


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