Saturday, June 20, 2009

cHai LI in the house...

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Saturday, June 20, 2009
Saturday night...
Just stay at home online, surf net, facebook play farm town, happy society.... etc
Quite bored.. @@
About 21 days to go my phuket trip with family.. my feeling should be excited & happy, coz I'm crazy on travelling. But this time my feeling feel a bit worried because H1N1 Case increase and serious. Feel worried when we traveling around and dad might not go for this trip. This trip actually special for my dad, take it as his birthday present. His birthday on 15 July 09.
Huhh.. Hope H1N1 will under control, but i know it hard to control la.
This is serious case... when can fully under control!!!
See how la... Can't worried too much........^.^
Tomorrow is Father's day lo.. Chai Ping and me ordered a cake for dad. hehe. .
Time like fly.. Half year already ..
We must treasure what we having now, treasure the time we can spend together, don't waste time to argue, nobody will know what will happened. Treasure everything especially your family and your lover and friend. ^.^
Don't waste any sec , min in our life!
Hehe.. too free nothing to do, just blogging about what on my thinking.
Continue to play games...
Come back early my dear. ^.^


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