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The Land of Smiles @ Phuket ~ Day 4 ~~ Bye Bye

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Wednesday, July 22, 2009
1st of all wish my dad Happy Birthday 15/7/09
Today activities is walk along beach
From Nai harn -> Patong
Phuket beside beach no place to go already! hehe..
As usual have our breakfast at Hotel
Wait for our driver come and fetch us, we rent car at 800bath for 8 hours. :)

Happy Birthday dad!
My breakfast
Pretty cute!
Cute Baby - very cute. pretty girl girl
Say bye bye to Nai Harn Beach & all Season Hotel
I miss it

Next stopped at Kata Beach
We stop at the attractive place when we on the way to Patong beach..
We already went to Rawai, Nai Harn, Kata, Karon & Patong beach.
From south to center point at Patong... still a lot beach side in phuket
KATA beach is nice beach a lot vistor sunbathing and swimming there

Jump & capture
My turn

Jump & Capture
Once Jump - succesfully
Beautiful KATA Beach
4 of us
Dad - Happy Birthday
Let's go to Karon beach
Do not exceed red flag..hehe
See water not clear but still got a lot of ppls jump in and swim!
Karon Beach ..water like teh tarik
I want to fly
Sunny hot.. !

We walk along Karon Beach

Karon Plaza
Karon Beach - Long long beach
But water not really clear
One of the restaurant we pass by at Karon, look nice
Tsunami zone
Karon Beach
Let's move to Patong
Chang Beer
Made in Thailand

Nice background..

Dad & Mum
BBQ corn again.. but not fresh & no sweet one!
noodles soup

This is their culture!
This is the way how their survive
Patong Beach
Free Diving just right in front of the shop
For you to learn how to diving
-Happy hours -
Sexy girl.. Bikini walk around at Patong Street
SEA Dragon
Rock City
Patong beach most happening place!
I'm miss out - nightlife at Patong
Let's go to Gem Gallery
-cHai Li-
My sunglass big enough? Nice?
HEHE.. I like it .. 'Shy'
Gems Gallery @ Phuket
I remember i went to Gems Gallery @ bangkok, if i'm not mistaken.
Next trip when i go there again i must buy something back .. hehe..*Diamond* @@
Duty free woh..
But quality not too sure nice or not la!
Its ISO 9001 certified Must be good. OTOP

Seafood Restaurant - Please order me and eat ME!
We have dinner 1st before transfer to Phuket airport
-cHai Ping-
4 of us having dinner.. - Happy Birthday dad-
Wish you have a wonderful day and nice trip!

Flight delay another 1 hours !
Waiting for boarding..
Sien... Flight at 10:50 thai time zone. Malaysia alraedy 11:50pm.. Tired
Everyone was tired!
Dad & me
HAHA... Siao siao..
We miss home..
Arrived at Kl already 1:10pm
We take bus went back to Ipoh at 2:10am..
wow super tired..
Arrived at Ipoh about 5:30am, Reach home at 6am shower then rest.
Next day take half day leave! EL..heheee..
wow.. i have bought below item..


What is that?


I think i no dare to wear.. hahha.. My body not slim fit enough..
Is cheap so we bought 2 pcs at 850bath
One for me, One for cHai PinG
Happy Holiday

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