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BIG DAY @ 9.8.09

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Monday, August 10, 2009
Today is Mum's Birthday! Happy Birthday to you. Today also is my younger cousin R.O.M! Congratulation.. Hope both of you Happy Together & Forever!
Earlier morning Dad, Mum & chai Ping went to Wellness to do body check up.
After that we met at Foh San for Dim Sum!
Damn crowded , full house have to wait for seat!
They have moved to New building
See below pic is old building
Foh San Restaurant - Well Known Dim Sum at Ipoh

Below this is a new building.
Double storey with 2 shop lot, compare to old building new building nice, big and comfortable.
Really damn crowded

Welcome to Foh San Restaurant
Siu mai

Fish Ball
Mushroom Dumpling
Har Gao
Dim Sum - Nice Chu Cheung Fun
BBQ Pork Bun
Yng Tao Fu
Dad & Mum
- Chai Ping-
Sweetheart & me (my face look like bun!)

Ground Floor - still very crowded when we left. Its nearly 11am already.
-End:- Enjoyed our dim sum breakfast-

12pm we attended to Yammi R.O.M


So Happy.. ^.*
Exchange Ring

♥ New Family♥

-3nd:- Went home watch series drama-

Sweetheart and me went to JJ cake shop collect cake
After that we went to cinema watch ' Overheard'
Sad Movie! I don't like it
Dinner at Korean Restaurant '大长今' @ Ipoh
Side dishes - banchan
Various banchan served
Kimchi Casserole with Pork - 2 pax
Add On - Ramen
Sweetheart: - good taste
chai Li:-This is what i choose! not u! hehe..
Sweetheart:- Right choice!
-cHaI Li- :P
yum yum.... yummy!
@ Home Celebrate Mum's birthday
Carrot Walnut
This cake look very 'leong'
haha.. chai ping said
Dad & Mum
Mum, We wish you happy Birthday
♥ 1♥
Make a wish
Cut cake

- 3nd-


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