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Precious moment @ Guilin - 01/11/10 Day 2

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Let's continue our journey ...
Day 2 head to Hezhou.
Hezhou is one of province in GuangXi.
Early morning after breakfast , we start our journey at 9am
From Guilin to Hezhou about 3 hrs drive! @.@

Our breakfast
On the way.. to Hezhou

Take a break

Finally we arrived Hezhou after 3 hrs drive!
Once we arrived at Hezhou city is time for our lunch!
Eat liao, slp in car and woke up and eat again!


After lunch another 1/2 hrs drive to Gupo Mountain National Forest Park
On the way --> Gupo Mountain

Finally ...arrived!
Gupo Mountain National Forest Park there spectacular waterfall
The park's most notable waterfalls are Xiangu Waterfalls, House running waterfalls , Galaxy dropping waterfall , Arhat waterfall....etc
We just drop by at Xiangu Waterfalls

There have variety of plant & animal. Such Red leaves valley , peacock park , Monkey park.

They was killed a dog ready for their dinner.. so 'geli'

According to board , during 2008 the snow damage the trees in forest.
"At the beginning of 2008, the snow disaster affected 0.279 billion mu of forest in 19 provinces in China covering 1/10 of the total National Forest area, which was equal the total national afforestation area from 2004 to 2006. The disaster made 102.46 million mu bamboo, 174.29 million mu forest, 2.03 million mu nursery stock, 9.9 billion trees damaged, nearly 30,000 national key protection wild animals died by cold and hunger. There are about 80 percent of trees broken in Gupo Mountain National Forest Park."
They just using water from mountain to keep the fruit fresh. When you eat you can feel like it's just take out freezer !
Sweet potato & corn

Welcome to Xiang Gu Waterfall

Nice Scenery
*Dad, Mom & me*
Feel cold there..did you notice my face look pale
*4 of us*
He wanna to this is as holy water and bring home
- Funny-
Gupo Mountain National Forest Park
"-- the Big Natural Oxygen Bar in the Southern China
Negative ions 65856/cm (Elevation 678m)
A negative ion is an oxygen ion with an extra electon attached, produced through disturbances in water molecules like fast-flowing river and indoor fountains. Negative ions have been proven to have a beneficial impact on health and mood by affecting the serotonin levels in the brain, also act as natural air purifiers.
Negative oxygen ion Breath are is built in high air negative oxygen ion place, and the expense will be charged.
Please, enjoy the girl provided by the nature."

1st couple we meet

Red Leave

Xiang Gu Temple
Peacock Park
Parrot Show

2nd couple here for pre-wedding shoot
Total we meet 2 couple here for pre-wedding shoot
Well, i believe they must have a nice pre-wedding album in such a nice scenery for photo shooting. Windy and don't feel hot at all!
If for me i can feel super enjoy..
Jiupuxiang Brewery is one of location to shooting Hong Kong TVB drama "Country Spirit" (酒是故乡醇)

alcohol 50%+ when i put in my mouth like something burning me!
I feel want vomit, i can't finish

Group photo with our travelmate

Fang Family's Tea Garden is another location for shooting Hong Kong TVB drama "Plain Love " (茶是故乡浓)

Tea time...

Stop here and have our dinner before we head back to Hezhou's city


Our Dinner - I don't like to eat at all.. :(
Return to town city and shop in the carnival's market

Huh... what a tired day! Finally reached at Sheraton hotel
After bath and have a good night sleep!

3rd day head to Yongshou


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