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Precious moment @ Guilin - 31/10/10 - Day 1

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We spent 8 day 7 night to Guilin Trip.

We've waiting for this trip about 1/2 year. The day came and over!
Happy moment like flying! So fast we came back about 2 weeks time lu......
This gonna long post, total 8GB memory card used, thousand of photo... but i don't think all of photo can post here. I got to filtering & resize all of photo. I feel so lazy

This post is our 1st day arrived at Guilin.
Our flight boarding at 6:30am, arrived at 11am
We follow ground tour at china. Our group total have 9 people all of them from Malaysia as well!
They are nice people, we spend our breakfast, lunch & dinner in same table. We travel, shopping and walk together. Very fast we closed with each other and we chit chat and talk joke. Have fun!

For 1st day itinerary once we arrived is time for lunch we head to restaurant have our 1st meal, After eat , we check in hotel and rest for 1 1/2 hours. 2:30pm we went out to Li River trip, ride on to boat and enjoy scenery Li River.

After Li River trip tour guide bring us to one of shop which selling 'Tea'
They keep push 'Puerh Tea' that famous at Yunnan ! @@
No matter how you must buy at least something from them otherwise they wont let's go! KNS
They boiling the tea and let's us tasted, but i don't how the taste!

Pretty tour Guide - Anna
What are you doing! SMS to................ Sweetheart
Guilin Waters and Mountains

"East or west, Guilin is the best."
Guilin got its name because it is a "forest of Sweet Osmanthus." Guilin the area was an ocean in ancient times, but the limestones at the bottom of the ocean were raised by the earth's crustal movement, and became many picturesque limestone mountains and formations. Guilin's unique scenery earned its reputation as "By water, by mount Guilin. Waters and Mountains ...

桂林山水甲天下 - "Guilin’s scenery is best among all under heaven.

1st meal at Guilin - Lunch
China mandarin oranges & PersimmonLi River Cruise


Tea house

Puerh Tea - more than 20 year!

Motor problem - repairing
Our Dinner

2 row of Bridal shop along of the street.
I found that pre-wedding package at Guilin so cheap!
1299 RMB!

Our lobby
Western Hill Hotel
That all for our activities of day, after that we head back to Hotel rest.
After shower we go down and go to shop nearby hotel to buy some local product and Cup noodle.
What is this???
- Zhuang yang gou
For Guy - eat liao very stronger
Stay tuned for 2nd day
We away to Guilin town head to Hezhou


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