Saturday, February 5, 2011

Welcome year of Rabbit ^^

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Saturday, February 05, 2011
I'm just came back from Cameron highland
Already is 3rd day of CNY
This post is pre-preparation for Rabbit year
Last 2 weeks helping mom to do New year cake
Fried 'yar gu' & fried crab stick


Crispy .. yummy

Two day before of CNY, i just start to shop for new year cloths
Went to Jusco with mom and sis
I only grab 3 set of new years clothes..poor babe.. 
oh ya... my 1st try to wear contact lens..
I manage to get trial contact lens  (3 pairs of Acuvue TruEye for free)
but till now i have yet wear.. @@
I wanna to wear contact lens during my wedding otherwise i can't see the guest in behind...  so i must try it whether suit me or not...
Well, next Tue start work will try it
The only stuff i have during this rabbit year.. poor thing

Recently my skin dry and sensitive..
 My friend recommend to apply this..COSMECNIQUE.. hope it workable..plzzz
I wanna be a pretty bride..

 Wish all have a Happy prosperous, wealth , health bunny year!!
Huattttttt arrrrr! 
Ciao.. tomorrow going to KL ^^


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