Thursday, June 2, 2011

addicted to cook

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Thursday, June 02, 2011
 Lol.. Chai Li you know how to cook boh! 
Honestly i don't know. Usually what i cook is luncheon meat, satin fish, all is tin one.. haha
This is my 1 dish to cook Sweet & Sour Prawns
Wow... just follow the recipe given by mom 

- Lightly fry the prawn and remove from pan
- Fry ginger strips, chopped onion and garlic 
- Pour in chilly and tomato sauce and stir
- Add big onion rings and cut tomato + chilly
- Pour in corn flour mixed with 3 tablespoon of water, add sugar and a little salt and stir
- Lastly , pour in the prawns, stir and quickly remove from pan
 Chopped onion and garlic , ginger and chilly
Fresh prawn - Before
 After - Look yummy?! hehe..taste not bad one - self comment :P

 The most easy one to cook this vege
less than 5 min kao tim
  Still got soup also easy one, cut the thing you want to cook and pour all in Kao tim ! 
Dish for today, hope you all enjoy it :)
 - end -


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