Saturday, June 18, 2011

Red wine and m3

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Saturday, June 18, 2011
 A Red Wine accompany with my night
Sweethut was away to company trip at Langkawi, me alone at home.. I miss you!!!
I at KL almost 1 and half month. Not used kl life but not really bad.
Next month onwards i got to start work liao. Rest about 2 months i think i start to lazy liao.. So worries can't adapt the working life in KL, got to woke up early moring and stuck in traffic jam to work! I use to wake up 8am and 8:45am drive to work and take about 15-20min to reach office.. but now different liao...:'(

Yesterday receive a call from recruiting agent she told me that got a job suitable for me and can get a better offer, haiz.. it's was too late leh, i did confirm to take the offer as purchaser at wisma genting liao lo! Why you don't call me early geh! Today she call me again, make my heart feel confusing... :S

If i work as purchaser it was totally out of my couse study and totally different job scope compare with my previous job... me is IT background.. i really feel want go to interview the job, but i did promise and accept the offer i should keep my promise and keep up my reputation .. anyway i have make decision to take the offer and no change.. i hope can find my career work with Genting Group!
God blessing & All the best!
Enjoying my favourite red wine
- Time to bed soon-
Good night world


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