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~~♥♥Taiwan Touch Your Heart - Day 2 ♥♥~~ (Part 2)

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To continue Taipei trip day 2
After hot spring, we had our dinner at a restaurant nearby Beitou
After dinner we head to MRT go for next station Danshui.
Too bad after dinner start to rain, but we still went there..

This our dinner err.. I suppose this is Korean food

Beitou night view

We reached at Danshui Town but heavy rain, sweethut bought a Mister Donut

We wait in front of shop about 20min but raining non stop.. arghhh... force to walk under rain walk toward to Danshui old street bought an umbrella... and we walk to jetty take a cruise ride to the Fisherman's Wharf & Lover's Bridge... luckily we manage to get ticket go there but no return ticket! Last boat at 9pm, no choice we take cruise there and plan to take public bus back to Danshui MRT station... When we reach  that was nightmare , timing not right. I believe most visitor will go there around 4pm to view the lovely sunset, but we was late... so nobody there + raining... We wanna find a bus stop also difficult... =.="  No doubt night scenery superb but if you go with a gang there shouldn't be problem, but only both of us.. so worries kena robbery! haha :P
Remember go there early you may enjoy the sunset or cycle there!

Danshui old street
Super big size watermelon

Danshui's Jetty

Nobody in the boat, nobody wanna go there liao...
Nearly reach..
Fisherman's Wharf

Lover's Bridge

Nice scenery , finding our way to bus station feel worried, but still i won't miss to snap a shot :P

Jeff & Chai Li @ Lover's bridge ♥

The night still young we went to Xiamen Ding
No road side hawker due to raining, we walk around and have our supper here..
This is the hot spot for shopping! Xiamen Ding!


'Tian Tian Li' very good business even is raining day and the food so tasty..
yum yum yummy!

Taiwan famous - forgot what is this call
Fried oyster
'lor pak kuih'
Everything is yummy
After supper we go for 4D... damn syok, scary and faint @@

That all for our day 2 itinerary!
Stay tuned for more ^_^


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