Thursday, June 23, 2011

~~♥♥Taiwan Touch Your Heart - Day 3 ♥♥~~(Part 2)

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Thursday, June 23, 2011
To be continued journey day 3 @ Yilan
Enjoyed tea and yum cake we cycling to DongShan River Water Park...Within 15min to reach ...
Relax and enjoyed... how good if everyday like this!
Too bad rain come, we got to rush back!!!
Afterwards we go to LuoDong Night market eat & shop!
Wonderful place with a lot of delicious food stall 
Must eat thing:- 
- Fried onions biscuit
- 'Dong Kui' Herbal Lamb Noodles
- Fried 'Giant' Chicken
- LuoDong Mee Sua

Traffic not heavy and can view the padi field by roadside!!!
Kampung feel and fresh air 
DongShan River Water Park Main entrance
We pass by one of the Hotel with this lovely pond .. met 2 pair of couple took pre-wedding photo here! 
So nice.. nice view.. my dream place to take pre-wedding photo @
The most happiness women with her green evening gown


Fried onions biscuit


- Fried 'Giant' Chicken - Long Q

- 'Dong Kui' Herbal Lamb Noodles - have to Q to wait for you turn... a lot ppls q up

Bubble Tea

- LuoDong Mee Sua - The best one!!!
I love the chili so HOT

Return to the lovely home, clean up and enjoy wine!!!

Love here much***
This has become our memories, hope can have another trip with you soon! :D 

Stay tuned for Day 4 - Hopefully can post all before I'm start work by next month!


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