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Our previous baby girl arrival

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Tuesday, May 08, 2012
The day her arrival 21 April 2012
God is always fair and nice!
Two days ago bad thing happened and goods thing will follow!
20 April 2012 -  went out with sweethut and bought tin of pregnancy milk powder and follow him went to appointment at PJ ( I'm waited him in the car when he went to appointment).. After that he sent me home and i feel so tired and take a nap.
Around 6pm   he came back and told me he wanted went out for a while with his cousin bro as i still asleep... i said ok! Then i feel i wanna go to pee.. so i walked to toilet pee, when i stand up and want to flash toilet bowl i saw red color. I shock and open my eye and see again am i bleeding?!
I so nervous and immediate text him and told him, then he called me and say he coming back and we go admit to hospital!
Then i calm down a while, doctor said if no pain and not bleeding so much still can wait... then i text him say not hurry i need to take bath and i washed my hair!
Around 7pm both of us went to hospital and i request nurse help me to check whether should admit hospital or can go home and wait! Result :- still not open but doctor advice to admit hospital! And nurse help me to use CTG machine to see the contraction pain still not so heavy! Nurse told me doc will come tomorrow morning and help to induce. But at night about 10:30pm doctor came and help me to put medicine and induce. And i have to stay in labour room to monitor about 2 hrs... still the contraction not so heavy, nurse ask me went back to room for rest. Around 2am i start to feel the pain, sweethut and i start to count we notice is about 5-10min once! He ask me go back to labor room but still i try not to go ... so scare...! Till 4am  till nurse came in help me to check blood pressure, i told her i feel very pain and she ask return to labor room and nurse help me to check already 3cm... and nurse call doctor, doctor ask them help me to drip. Contraction pain can up to 130++ showed in CTG machine... pain like hell! Drip can expedite the contraction and express labor!
I did take normal injection and using gas to reduce pain!
After injection i feel so sleepy..
Around 8am + doctor came and said another 2 hrs +... 2 hrs can killing me! After 2 hrs + my princess finally arrived to see the world. Take about 9 hrs for the labor process, mean i pain about 9 hrs and finally her arrival!
Chai li you are strong and well done! :D
Natural give birth but used vacumn to expedite labor process as baby pass motion in womb.
When she borned just lay on my body within 2 sec and doctor hurry hug her to check because worries she get any infection! Sweethut follow and see baby... luckily she fine and nothing can stay in normal nursery room...
I can't see my baby face as i feel sleepy and painful! I just manage to hug her within 2 sec when she lay on my body.. Once she came out i feel release and the pain gone!
Miracle ...

The day she still in my womb 20/4/2012

She just arrived within an hours
Sweethut taken a photo and show me when i return to normal wad

Around evening time 5pm + nurse help her to clean up and her hair comb like ' curry pop'!
hehe.. Her face so chubby at that moment...

 I love you our precious daugther!
Hello ... "My name is Isabelle Low... :) "

My little girl..
Daddy & Mommy love you.!
Poor daddy fell as sick as he not enough sleep for few day...


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