Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Shock and stun

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Tuesday, May 01, 2012
If early morning when you were in your dreamland suddenly awake by someone and told you your car was stolen! How's the feeling?!
When you rush downstair and see the main gate and wooden have been broken and can't see your car anymore will you stun?
Unfortunely the incident was happened with us at 19/4 earlier morning at 5:30am in our house, when my MIL awake us up and said your car was stolen, sweetheart tried to calm me down and ask me stay in room and told me is nothing, i'm still in pregnancy week (overdue 2 days ago) but still i did heard her mother word said 'boy your car was stolen',when she knock the door, when he was walked downstair , i still walk down and see. Main gate, wooden door was open, 47" LCD was lost and 2cars lost and i quickly check my car that park at outside! STOLEN! Due to 3 set of car key put at living room, they took our car key and drove off the car!
- Honda City - WPT 8198 (SIL)
- Honda Accord - WSG 1010 (Sweethut) - This car brought us a lot of memories and its our wedding car!
- Suzuki Swift - WVJ 6198 (My car) - My poor car within a year LOST!
Sweethut immediate to report polis and the case still under investigate. I don't think the car can be found now what can do only waiting for insurance claims (3-6 months)! I can only replace a Myvi for the moment! :(
Btw the stupid thief steal my external HDD as well that i put on the PC table in living room!
All my photo gone and i got no backup, from last year June till up to date! Really sad! I just can comfort myself to say all the memories will still in my mind! Most of photo is about my pregnacy progress photo...! sigh! I can get only the copy that i have uploaded in my blog, but still got a lot! :(
What a bad day! 19/4/2012
Luckily nobody get harm and hurt...
Thanks Lord!


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