Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Daddy's Birthday

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Tuesday, July 17, 2012

 15.07.2012 is Sunday. 
We went back Ipoh on Sunday as Saturday we attended Wedding Dinner. 
Sweethut's best friend Fang heng's Wedding 

We start our journey around 12pm+ and reached Ipoh about 2pm + ... 
Once reached 1st thing to do is carries our princess! 
During evening time i help her to dress up and went out for dinner to celebrate my Dad's Birthday.
She happy happy go out, but we ate half way she crying as she was tired and wanna go home and sleep. 
So that we rush home, calm her down and let her oii oii 1st then we sing birthday song and dad cut birthday cake...
She is our boss!!! hehe

Dress her up with kawaiii hairband! 
She not really like it, she will pull it when she feel uncomfortable! :(
She will only wear 10-15min for photography only...else she make noise!

When we reached at Restaurant

Ah yi carries... 
Look at her face... feel uncomfortable liao..
Remove her hairband liao as she make noise
Milk milk

Take out her cardigan  as she so hot after drank a bottle of milk
Daddy sayang sayang...she shy shy
Lau kai liao.. She was tired
Poor baby
Mommy sayang don't cry

Happy Birthday Dad...
Sing birthday song at home

Best wish for you dad.. stay healthy!


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