Sunday, July 1, 2012

My little girl

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Sunday, July 01, 2012
When she at KL from 18.06.12 - 30.06.12

When she about to sleep, Daddy carried her

Another 2 day i gonna start work..
 I enjoyed spent together with her about 2 months time. 
When you no working you wish back to work , but when about to start work you feel not willing resume to work.
When you cry i feel frustrated unable to calm you down but when you smile you melt my heart.
After 1 month 3 week when we went back to ipoh start to let you slept in sarong and you feel better and won't jumpy when you were sleeping.
I love you girl!

Say Good morning to ah gong
Ready to go hospital for 2nd month Vaccination

- Cry loud just less than 5 min stop cry and feed her milk
When she at home still is a happy day after injection! 
Keep her smile on her face!

Show me her angry face.. ' don't disturb me, always take photo' 


Enjoyed ' ba ba ji'

Started work today, when i came back saw her still sleeping in sarong
 Early morning when i about out to work.. she in half way pooping... gave mommy a big smile 
You're my sunshine... I love you!
When we at Jalan Ipoh old house, She wearing her white dress
Sunday morning , Daddy spent time with her
She about to sleep let her to eat 'Eu Ren Sang  Boh ying tan' 
When i after work went home and play with her.. She ♥ to laugh
Mommy sayang
Po po sayang
Before her sleep capture photo again...! 
Going back to ipoh 
When reached ipoh... she happy and play 
Daddy & Mommy will miss you as you have to stay at Ipoh with Po po 2 week time!!!
We so happy god granted this little girl to us! 
She cheer up our life!
Thanks God.


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