Friday, June 22, 2012

Ishin Japanese Restaurant

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Friday, June 22, 2012
Time flies 2 weeks passed and Daddy is here @ Ipoh and we ready head back to KL
Another 3 days i gotta resume to work! I used to see my little girl everyday but when I start work my time to see her would be lesser and even can't hug her for 2 week if she at Ipoh. ='(
I wanna cry...
Afternoon we have lunch with dad and mom, after lunch went back to pack and going back to KL.
My mom go KL together with us, left Dad & CP ... I Just dont like the feel when we leaving to Ipoh!
Why ...?  :( I miss them 

The little girl enjoy to travel? I guess yes.. 
But i know she very tired, she can't rest well when she in the car..
When we reached home, help her to clean and change and head out for dinner at ISHIN Japanese Restaurant at old klang road.

Daddy playing her hair.. she just shame shame look at daddy.

She awake and want to drink milk milk... after feed her she happy happy ...
Toothless smile + chubby face

@ Ishin 
 Both ma ma and po po take care of her.

 She so sleepy and want to hug.
Mommy hug her
When reach home, feed hermilk and pat pat her to sleep..
I love you my little girl girl.


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