Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mummy & Belle @ Ipoh

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Tuesday, June 19, 2012

 When the day belle and Mummy at Ipoh (02.06.12 - 17.06.12)
Time flies, this coming Thursday i have to resume to work! sien..............! 
In this 2 weeks time i taken a lot photo and send to daddy who in KL.
Since daddy miss her and can't see her so only photo...
So happy to spend time with her everyday.
She's my sunshine
Daddy fetch us to Ipoh at 02.06.12 , the little one who pooping in car...
Look at her.. very concentrate! I thought she looking something but then i heard the sound........nge...nge...
When she in car, ride in the car seat...after poop poop and drank milk then sleep all the way to KL
When she reached Ipoh still continue in her dreamland.. 
So nice have to good rest for her...
Everyone say she look like boy boy.. just like her father! 
It's true, she look like boy!

Next day Sunday after take bath she sleep in the Baby Bouncer
   Gong gong and po po buy for her
She is a playful and talkative baby! When she in happy mode like woke up, after milk sure she smile and say ang ger with you! But when she hungry and sleepy really can't disturb.
The little one really so fierce

Daddy always ask me why I cover her head?! 
Is because when i switch on the light in my room her eye can't open... 
Blink blink her eye and turn her head left and right, so just cover her head. 
Just like to see the face when covered her head, because more look like a girl!

When she woke up in the morning... 

When she woke up in the morning with her good mood 
8:30am - 9:30am is her bath time... usually she will woke up within 9:30am
so enjoying ...
When she wanna to sleep with her crying face! 
 Evening time while she waiting for bath... 
Mommy kiss and love you..
Aunty Chai ping with the little one

My sister came back from Singapore we brought her to kai kai after dinner..

Little girl with mommy and my Mom
Mom, sis and the little Isabelle

She know look at camera...

Love her so much
A sunny Sunday, we went out for lunch to celebrate parents day

Look at her face.. look different! 

Hug her to sleep!
A group photo
Precious moment with my family!




She don't like to wear hat.. but manage to capture this photo

Happy mode on

Rabbit or kangaroo style!

See she pull out her hat...
Baby and mom same in polka dot shirt 
Not purposely to wear one.. When i went out and back home saw err.. my dress same same with my daughter
She like to suck her finger

Turn her sleep on her tummy 

When i start work i will miss her so much! 
The day coming soon.. sadness


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