Friday, June 1, 2012

Baby Isabelle's FullMoon ♥

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Friday, June 01, 2012

Our precious baby Isabelle already 1 month ++
On 20th of May we celebrated her fullmoon at Cheras Cheers Palace Restaurant
On that day she just like a princess, she slept in her stroller and all my friend ask me push her stroller go in front of them, everyone walk in front her stroller and look at her.. and her eye just busy looking around. When the lunch start she tired and fell as sleep!
After fullmoon lunch my mom went back to ipoh. Pass 2 week i alone take care of her at night when hubby came back he try to help out.
This 2 week really so so so tired...... just busy to carrying her and she so manja need to carries her to sleep! So happy can see her everyday, when she smile she give me warm and melt my heart no matter how stress up forgot! When she cry i wanna cry also because i cant calm her down! Poor mommy! I try my best to be patient with her even when i so stress up when heard she crying.. i still carry her although i feel so tired... !  I love you my good girl.
Well, back to topics fullmoon..!
Total have 10 tables, we just invite relative , close friend to attend!
Thank so much for everyone who spending time to attend my girl's fullmoon celebration.
Thank so much for gift!


Everyone like to play with her.. She just like to looking around
Princess tired.. and my mom carrying her to sleep..

My collegemate when we was studying in KTAR & UTAR!

Darren Chong , he like Isabelle so much!
When i hug her walk around , he just follow behind me. I didn't realise, just when i turn back then i almost bang on him i ask him why you walk so close behind me! He say i wanna to see baby!
Hubby friend, so funny la u!
My colleagues

My beloved family
Cute and leng lui!
Jeff's Cousin bro and his wife

2+1= 3
Welcome our little princess
You give us a lot joy!
 Thank for gift!

The most nice gift she received!
It look so cute!
She can wear during next year CNY?! 'Ang ang! hehe

 Another cute one!

Dear girl,
Daddy & Mommy bless you growing up healthy, we will give you happiness.
Love you!


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