Wednesday, June 6, 2012

From Him ♥

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Wednesday, June 06, 2012

30th of May (Wednesday)
He was came back late as  he have a meeting in office today
When he reached home  he just pass the gift to me, 'nah for you'!
Me: stun for a while?! Why buy me a gift?!
Him: nothing la, just for you!
Me: Happy smiling face!

In my mind, thinking what is that?! I guess is perfume!
This is the thing i guess ...
Me: What's is that?
Him: Unwrap and see... you guess ? You wait me  take bath 1st, we unwrap together,  you guess what is that give you 3 chance! 
(After bath)
Him: What you guess?
Me:Perfume, camera, correct?!
Him: You unwrap la! 
Me: Wah!  Galaxy Note! Why you buy me this!?
(smile... I like it) 
I never mention i want new phone! Why buy me?!
He said you can online everywhere, your phone is old is time to update!
Lol... true is time to update! I do not have data plan for my mobile  ... pai sei!
I have it now! Me=outdate! I know... just think that not necessary so didn't get it! :D
So Happy and ease my stress! You so sweet!
Thank you

The wrapping paper just like the expression on me!
Sad, upset, angry, smiling, crying...
Stress up as i dont know how to take care my little girl and no helper during day time!
Pass 2 weeks day time i was alone take care of my little princess! huh... stress up! 
Really do not know what to do when she crying!
At night sweethut help out.. or sometime during lunch hours he came back and help.. as the little a bit lau kai ( need hugs to sleep!) 
Now little one and I is at Ipoh! Will be at Ipoh for 2 weeks till 17/6
My mom helping me, i feel better and can rest more! 
But i miss my sweethut so much! 
Sweethut miss little girl and me!
Since married we staying together and we never separate in different location, feel not used can't see you everyday!
On that day when you gonna leave we hug tight and can see both of us have tear on eye,
when you talk with our little girl , I can feel you upset have to leave and can't see both of us for 2 weeks
Next visit would be both of us back KL and leave our girl at Ipoh for my mom to take care! I no dare to think how upset... i feel wanna to cry when i think about it! 

Forgive me with my boring face.
My super 'chan' look!
Thank you so much sweethut!
He pick me a RED flip cover as well! ♥


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