Monday, September 9, 2013

03.08.13 1st time church

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Monday, September 09, 2013
A month ago, Dad brought baby girl went to church! 
It was on Saturday 3.8.13 , Daddy half day working , after work brought us to lunch at Jusco. After that we went to Church!  

Share some photo of that day... 
She was 15 months baby, nowadays she knew to show her expression very well! She dont like or unhappy she frown! She like she will give you a BIG D ! When you ask her you like , if she like she say I like, else she say ' ng mai, ng mai'...! 
She is picky eater, you serve her food she taste and only eat very little! Just worries she not enough nutrition! Anyway will find a way to feed her... 
Love her so much , together with her really give us a lot joy and fun! 
When she become little monster and ' lau kai' , we will get pengsan too! It's just like whole house falling down! :D 

Ban Leng leng and carried her bag ready to go kai kai! 

She like to stick with Popo

I love her smile, melt my heart..! 

Action baby !

When ask her cover your nose, she do this! haha... 
She frown when she unhappy! She ask for chopstick...

Pass her a spoon she happy happy and feed herself 'mon mon'

Play peek a boo

Terrpayaki lunch ...

The Holy Rosary Church
The Holy Rosary

May God bless you grow healthly all the way! 
Thanks god gift us such a little cute baby!


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