Saturday, September 21, 2013

Random - Week of 31/8/13

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Saturday, September 21, 2013

The week baby fell as sick! Cough and fever... 
Baby sick is common thing, i'm not sure due to changed milk powder or... 
Since this baby picky eater , so Doc suggest let her try Pediasure complete or S26 PE!
So we just swift to Pediasure... may be we move wrong step , we shall mix current milk powder + and new milk powder and monitor if suitable her or not... we didn't !
Well just learn from mistake... Suppose plan to bring her to swim but too bad, can't make it! 
When brought her to club, she hold my hand said she want jump ....! 

Friday night she still okok...

Saturday night 31/ vomit and lau kai whole night ! 
Sunday morning quickly 1/9/13

On the way going to club... due to no water in home
Poor baby so innocent
She want go to swimming , she ask me jump

She hold my hand ask me carry her to jump in... !

She like to play water,, poor baby...! Too bad she can't play due to cough and fever!
She just no mood! 
After that we went for dinner , she want my mom carry her whole night! 
Up to date , she still cough... God blesses
Please bless her grow healthy! 


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