Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Macau & Hong Kong 4.3.09 @ Day 5

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Tuesday, March 17, 2009
Macau & Hong Kong 4.3.09 @ Last day
Is Last day..Today is my Birthday ^.^ At 12am we go to aveneu of start celebrate birthday with light beer.. then we have supper at MC D , there got MC Cafe.. we bought a slide of cake.. taste good.. Next day we will return to Malaysia flight at 7:50pm AK53 - Macau to Kuala Lumpur.. in morning about 10am we went to Mong Kok's Yuen Po Street to shopping.. Everything selling here very very cheap.. Wasted we not enough to spend and shop around here. When we arrived the street already 10am something.. 12:30pm we have to move back to hotel collect our luggage and ride ferry back to Macau take flight at 7:50pm. And we spend time at Esprit when we on the way to Jetty .. all item in the outlet very cheap. We are late our plan is before 3pm arrived at Macau then go and buy the Macau famous biskuits. but when we arrived there already about 4pm. We rush to check in our luggage to Casino Lisbao then we talk to senado square buy the biscuits.. Walk to senado square abt 15 min, after bought everything we walk like flying back to Casino Lisbao collect our luggage then take cab to airport. ... scared traffic jam and late to airport and check in counter closed..but luckily we arrived at airport about 5:30pm still got time. Macau town city to airport take about 15min drive. We still on time .. Bye bye la.. Hong kOng & Macau.. i miss the place..
This is our 2nd 'oversea trip' hehe..
Unforgotten Hong Kong Trip and Sweet Memory. Thank you Sweetheart. ^.^

Avenue of Star @ 4.3.09
Shame shame..
so happy
Nice view front of avenue of star

Love love

Yeah... Cheers.. birthday celebration.. hehe
Sweetheart: - Baby u see there.. so nice.. hehe

Love Love
MC Cafe
Black Forest
Chai Li, Happy birthday to u ^.^
Eating Cake ^.^ @ 26 year old birthday
Fried chicken selling at MC D
Birthday Present from Sweetheart
Couple T-Shirt @ Belated Valentine's present for sweetheart
Yuen Po Street @ everything is cheap
bought a bag with a reasonable price
Yuen Po Street
Mong Kok Wan Te Mee.. expensive
Menu.. @ Yuen kei char chan ting
Having lunch .. ' siew yoke & char siew rice'
2 bag come 3 bag return

Getting to ferry

Vomit.... hehe

Say Cheese.
Eating lollipop
Bye Hong kong ... ride ferry to Macau and take flight return to Malaysia
My dinner..
Sweetheart's dinner at Macau's Airport
Collect luggage AK0053
LCCT Duty Free shop @ awaiting sweetheart ..
Arrived @ LCCT 11:45pm
We take cab back to cheras cost at RM 125.Damn expensive. No choice is going to midnight and we don't want to trouble someone come to fetch us.
So far tomorrow gotta back Ipoh and start work. Feel tired...
About 1am someting we reached home. Shower and Sleep.. Both of us very tired.Zzzz.
- End -


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