Monday, June 29, 2009

It's a happy & sad weekend

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Monday, June 29, 2009
This week suppose is my happy weekend. I got a good news - salary increments! My effort not wasted! I really happy on this. Economy crisis i still can get increment I'm the lucky one!
We was having thai food dinner with family , and went to KLCC and then go to cafe drink
In this moment i saw something its really make me feel not comfortable.
Beautiful lie - It's want to protect me?
That is lying or fact?
Lie or fact that is not important, the important is don't hurt me.
When i'm happy i'll smile, when i'm sad i'll crying, when i'm mood down i don't feel want to talk!When i saw the thing that make me feel uncomfortable, i'll show that i don't like.
I care on this so that i will feel unhappy.
Its really make my heart feel uncomfortable and i cant accept it!
No intend to argue, no point to argue also.
Its just i feel uncomfortable, why not you cant be patient with me?
Close my phone its really rude and not respect!
You got your own feeling also i know, cant blame you.
Tomorrow gotta work again now already 2am.. huh..
My eye really become panda eye..I must rest early my skin dry and wrinkle. shit!!!
Again my phuket trip really annoying !! Go or not go, dad telling my thailand is the serious on H1N1 case, and sis asking me whether can postpone or not. Postpone to when ? Nobody will know H1N1 when will under control.
I really got no idea. Who can give me advise, idea? God?!


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