Monday, December 7, 2009

Chris's Big Day

Posted by -cHaI Li- at Monday, December 07, 2009
Last Sunday (6/12/09) one of ISE member get married.
ISE stand for Information System Engineering ( My study course at KTAR & UTAR)
yoyo.. Congratulation!
Last Saturday night was bachelor night, we went his house eat buffet.
Sunday morning woke up at 6am get ready and follow them go to be 'heng dei'.. hehe
7:30am started our journey to Taiping.
Around 11am return back to Ipoh. Till 2:30pm marry traditional ceremony done already.
Back home rest a while and 6:30pm attend to wedding dinner.
Super tired day..but happy and enjoy!
Is good chance let us to gather together.
A bouquets of 'pure and lovely' roses for his wife
'Heng dei'
13 ppls

Honey drink
Wasabi bread
Pretty 'Jie mui'
Heng Dei & Jie Mui

deng dang deng dang...
Let's go Ipoh

Arried ..
Continue to
Wedding Dinner Nite

Sweet time
Yam yam.....................Seng
Guy from left: KBC, Hong, Juan, Fai & Koay
Girl from left: Lui Lui, Janet, cHaI Li(me), Ying & Sonia
Guy from left: KBC, Fai, Hong, Heng, Juan, Lala (Chris) & Koay
Girl from left: Lui Lui, Janet, cHaI Li(me), Ying & Sonia
ISE Gang, expect 3 girl Lui lui, Janet & Sonia but we are same college & U
Happy Marriage Lala (Chris)!!


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