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Precious moment @ Guilin - 02/11/10 Day 3

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Yeah... let's continue 3rd day
Today itinerary from Hezhou --> XingPing --> YangShuo
We have our breakfast before we leave Hezhou
After breakfast we left Hezhou to YangShuo.
We was stayed at YangShou for 2 night

All the way have a lot of  Persimmon farm.
Persimmon is local fruit at Yangshuo

How they make dry persimmon?

is like below pic..
.er.. i feel dirty coz so dusty all the vehicle pass by

While on the way to Yangshuo we drop by to Xing Ping Village.
We had our lunch at XingPing Village, after lunch ride on boat to enjoy Li River scenery.
Xing Ping Village

Yang shou & Xing Ping Tour Map

The village is surrounded spectacular limestone mountain with imaginary names as "5 finger hill", "camel hill", “Crap hill", "Snail hill" 



Play card-this is life!
So relax…..

 While walking to Bilian Peak hair cut in street!
No photo!

After 1hrs Li River Cruise we head to Yangshou. 
Once arrived Yangshou 1st stop at Green Lotus Peak (Bilian Peak) is located west bank of Li River.
The peak are many pavilion, stone characters, and steles.

Most famous of all is the chinese character 'dai' written in steles . The word is compose of eight Chinese character: 'yi dai shan he, shao nian nu li' which mean 'the young generation should maintain the beauty of the area and work hard to contribute to the country'

After sightseeing 'Bilian peak' we go to the famous street at Yangshou called ' Xi Jie = West street'
West street is also foreigners street, this is famous street and oldest street in Yangshuo. There have stall selling souvenir, cafes,bars, and etc
I saw a multiple of item silk cloth, wax-painted and tiny shoes worm ... and a lot

So Cute
"Tau fu"

China adivon

After dinner and clea up me and Chai Ping went out walk walk and buy supper
Just 2min walk we found BBQ stall.. bbq chicken, squid, beef...etc
We ordered BBQ squid.. tasty i like it much.. hot & Spicy!

Thumb up*

"Ah Li Bihoo shop"
sweet corn, sweet potato,shatin pomelo & mandarin orange 
We bought sweet potato... sweet..

Fountain .. how nice!

 We stayed at this hotel New west street hotel for 2 night!
Continue Day 4 at Yongshou we visited to fantastic  cave! There got blink blink limestone .. so natural...  stay tuned!

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